Dream Awake

Things are what they are until some outlier decides he can run a 4-minute mile, or invent a phone, or she decides she can fly around the world. Then what once seemed impossible is made normal and new dreams are pursued.

Your dreams-come-true matter to others and theirs matter to you, inspiring us all into greater versions of ourselves. Every day we dream awake turning the impossible into normal unless we’re shutting it down somewhere, or stuck on the same song.

“You must learn one thing. 
The world was made to be free in. 
Give up all the other worlds
Except the one in which you belong.” 
― David Whyte

An interesting thing happens in the brain when we experience traumas—small and large. The brain tends to fuse the trauma, however small or large, with whatever else is in the picture at the moment. 

For example, say your business partner betrays you, and it’s around payroll time or you have a meeting with your financial advisor coming up. Your subconscious may translate that into struggle with money in some form. For example, it may become really hard to generate sales that seemed effortless before.

Sensitivities and allergies can be formed the same way. If conflict, or whatever a person’s unique system translates as trauma, is going on at the same time someone is eating they’re eggs, the brain can associate whatever is being eaten with something it is now reactive to. 

It is certainly not always that direct or simplistic, it can be very complex, but you get the idea. Everything we experience shifts our lens on the world and most the time we don’t realize what our subconscious and our body are internalizing until somewhere down the road we desire better results, hit a speed bump, and invest in a new dream.

At that point, the egg sensitivity or the money struggle becomes our clue to freedom and undoing where we’ve been contracted. Contracted. As David Whyte points out in the quote above, this world really was made to be free in.

Our brains also change chemistry—making it a physically transformative act—with the fulfillment of our dreams and watching others fulfill theirs. 

Of all the dreams you’ve accomplished, believe me, you’ve barely scratched the surface. No matter where you are contracted, for how long, in what way. We are here to dream awake, to live our dreams instead of chase them. To unfold our happy places into deeper happiness. To unwrap our contracted places into expanded places. To pass by another old self in a high five for a greater version of freedom, dreaming awake.

Here’s to more of You in the world, ❤️


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