Inventing Your Life:

It was 39 degrees when I awoke in my campsite. My breath was visible outside my sleeping bag. My eyes squinting gratefully in the sunrise. I looked forward to getting my fire restarted from the night before and coffee on my stove…after a little longer inside my sleeping bag. I love my luxuries, lodges and linens and I love my outdoors and not much in between. 

I expected a rising mercury and instead it took a turn for the cold. Thankfully it took the mosquitos with it. Though I’d planned a longer trip, I knew it was time to venture home. 

It’s a simple example compared to the bigger inventions and choices we make each day about our businesses, whether to have surgery or go a different route; how to relate to another, which home to buy or stock to buy. 

But its these so-called little choices that really shape and fill in the spaces that fill out our lives, something like pouring water into a jar of marbles. The marbles are obvious, those big choices being made. The water of the little choices is hardly visible to the physical eye, but it takes up most of the space. 

“When you are aware, you understand a situation directly, without having to think too much. Insight comes spontaneously.” ~Deepak Chopra, The Soul of Leadership

The more you develop your inner eye, (awareness, intuition) living your life by it in all your little choices, the more your life takes shape to support the bigger choices.

I find my clients all eager for something deeper right now in their respective areas of growth—leadership, wealth, company expansion, time freedom, renewal, confidence, new beginnings/visioning, consciousness, team building, purpose, relationship. They are through the canal of something big and are embarking on their next unknown. 

“Let’s say you want a different future & let’s say you want to keep doing things the same way & let’s say I’m a friend of yours, so I’m going to tell you the truth about How. Stupid. That. Is. & let’s say you actually listen this time.” ~ Brian Andreas, Songs of Starlight

The only way we keep doing the same things the same way (when they are no longer working), is if we are ignoring our inner eye. Sometimes intuition, the inner eye or awareness, must speak very loudly to help us believe the change we need to make. When it gets loud, it may look like fires to put out or a crisis of some kind, feeling buried and overwhelmed. Endings and beginnings. It seems a lesson for most of the human race to experience at some point.

One of the things clients remark on, though, is what to do with themselves when they are no longer driven by crisis. As the crises end in their lives, they make the transition to leading their lives deliberately from the connection with their inner wisdom and the peace they feel. Not that there are no longer challenges, but they can put themselves on the creative side, knowing that the energy comes first. Everything else adjusts accordingly.

Leadership isn’t just for companies, teams and parents. You are first leading your own life. The most courageous thing you will ever do is go your own way again and again in life, listening to the still small voice within that may lead you out along the open and uncertain road—fraught with infinite potential, I might add.

Necessity isn’t the only mother of invention. With every true desire you stop denying and bring to the table of your awareness, into the field of infinite creation, you invent your life. You invent our world. You lead. 

Carl Jung said, “In intuition, a content presents itself whole and complete, without our being able to explain or discover how this content came into existence. Intuition is a kind of instinctive apprehension, no matter of what contents.”

Your intuition is always speaking, always available to the smallest and largest of choices.

Leadership by nature is present in the moment while anticipating the next phase, whether in a group or individual setting. Great leaders are good in a crisis, but they’re not waiting for crises to motivate change. They are actively visioning while the current phase is in play, evaluating where they are, intuiting and educating their awareness for the next phase. 

This is the genius by which you lead your life. And though your intuition overlaps with others, it is ultimately your genius alone, meant for your one, wild, unique life.

Here’s to more of you in the world ❤️


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