Animating Life ~

If you think of yourself as an electrical conduit, the current that flows through you, as you, is creating a circuit that animates life, like a switch turned on, according to the condition of the circuitry that you are.

The “information” the current flows through, determines the quality, the quantity, the lumens, foot candles, wattage, you get the idea, of light that gets expressed, so to speak. 

We are born with information that is on our DNA at conception—millions, bazillions, of patterns, beliefs, perspectives, and genetic dispositions, for example. We develop according to that as well as conditioning we collect and experience along the way. Conditioning can be anything from how to hold your fork at dinner to deep traumatic experiences. It informs our bodies, our brains, our habits, our limitations, our potentials, and our idiosyncrasies, for example.

Meanwhile, a current flows underneath it all unchanged; through your core, informing and reminding you of who you are at all times, lest you forget—that you are unlimited.

Waking up, as the phrase goes, is realizing the contrast between the two—the inherited, the conditioning and the unlimited—and shifting your orientation. 

“The brain does not make the person. The person makes the brain.” ~ Wallace Wattles

We are here to grow. That’s what life is. That’s what life does. The same life force that grows a tree, is in you as well. The difference being, you have the option, because of the difference as we understand so far, of your consciousness from the tree, of being intentional. Choosing how you evolve. 

You can do it slowly and incrementally, wading through your conditioning, attempting to control, seeing from the physical life and way of things. Or you can shift your orientation to evolve from the perspective of the unlimited, infusing your physical life with that. Experiencing unprecedented leaps of consciousness as you transform conditioning, leaning into the unknown, engaged with what is animating your physical in the first place. The undercurrent. The infinite.

All of the DNA and all of the conditioning are suggestions. Suggestions that may run the gamut of being extremely empowering or extremely disempowering. You can sort them like a lover with a daisy…it loves me, it loves me not…and with the right tools, can even dissolve them at will.

This means that, no matter how good life is, no matter how dark, scarce, stuck or stagnate, no matter how blissful, or contented, no matter how much you have, there is always more life. Always more potential. Something available to transmute into a more powerful current, that is you, animating more life.

Here’s to more of you in this world,

Shelley ❤️

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