There it is

“…And stay in this place until the current of the story is strong enough to float you out,” wrote David Whyte, in his poem, Coleman’s Bed.

There is the story and there is the story. We use the word to hint at what we tell ourselves that may keep us stuck. The story then, is belief, the perception we hold that keeps us where we are or have been, or who we are. When we shift it, the story disappears. We’ve all told such stories ad nauseum and then one day we change our mind. 

We also use the word to convey profound experience. The honor of a story that has the power to move you through deep change, like a personal myth. The story Whyte is referring to is this. Here we sit with a story, its power to change us as we embrace it and trust ourselves with crossing the rivers of change. 
You know the difference.
These kinds of stories cannot be superficially managed or controlled. They have the power for too much change to be dismissed with ease. You can embrace them and thereby weave their gold through you. Or you can live ignoring them and sidestep their gold for now.
Power can be developed and accessed through either form of story. When the story has done its job—you’re tired of telling it, its led you to particular people, you’ve done the inner work to heal and transform, your new future is becoming your present—and you have done your work to digest it, you stop talking about it. It’s current has become “strong enough to float you out” into a new sense of self, new life, into who you have become as a result of the story and how you used it to evolve.
Power, says Wallace Wattles, is the ability to think truth beyond appearances. To see past the “facts” of a current state into your future and feel that future in this present moment, even while you’re living through current day stuff. 
So, an aspect of power is the ability to play and wrangle with story, with your story. To call its bluff when it is called for, when you’ve gotten lost in the waves of appearances. And it is the ability to go deep to mine the change it has for you, to refrain from dismissing it too quickly into positivity, to let its currents grow powerful enough to float you authentically into your future as you imagine it.
In a world fraught with distraction, inside and out, this can be a tall order. Yet it is this power that buoys our ability to move through any story, global or individual, weaving its gold within us. 
In The Physics of God, Joseph Selbie describes our 3-dimensional universe of time, space and physical existence as something akin to a bubble within a 2-dimensional multiverse, or energy-verse, as he calls it. An infinity that is formless. 
You would think with infinity right outside our door it would be all we could think about. Buuuttt, distractions. Wanting us to fixate and stagnate on limitation, shame, battle, blame, scarcity, impossibility, tragedy, trauma, doubt, and futility. 
This is why we meditate, why we crave nature, seek self-improvement, true relationships, incredible music, love, master minds, silliness, play, kindness, spirituality, and play intentionally with energy to transmute patterns. Because in varying degrees, each one shifts and establishes our state toward who we truly are; into truth regardless of appearances, clearing static (internal and external) off our line to infinity and into greater, even exponential, possibility. 
There it is. I see it in You. Your greatness.

Here’s to more of You making an amazing world,


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