Untamed Beginnings

Hello Everyone ~

At a time when there is so much happening in the world, chaos and new beginnings, I decided to repost a poem I wrote in 2018, reminding us of where our grandest beginnings come from — the untamed places.

That place where your imagination meets the void within you and around you, and sparks. The place of unlimited creative possibility where you leave the realm of rearranging the same perspectives, lighting your past on fire, to be the ashes your life takes root in Now.

In the untamed places, trust your heart to integrate what you’ve left behind, what is now, and what is to come. Trust your heart to send the memo to the rest of you.

A dear friend of mine passed away this morning unexpectedly. A fellow energy and spirit junkie, Merle, or Merlin, as I called him. It is indeed a day of new beginnings. This is in his honor. He was all for those sparks and untamed places and the void. He was a sounding board and a guardian for the discovery of my own untamed places. Now he blazes across the sky as he chooses, right through my heart ❤️. May you all be so fortunate to have a Merlin in your life.

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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