Heaven On Earth

Living in Heaven on Earth:

Even if you’re not a religious person, you may hold some form of the idea that life here on the physical plane is for relative suffering and it doesn’t change until you’re on the “other side.” That sickness, struggle, limitation, pain, and scarcity are the norm, that we must work to manage them, and heaven, however you conceive of it, must wait. After so much time to grow in the collective psyche, it is a pervasive concept that permeates cultures, ancestry and everyday experience around the globe.
There is also an even more ancient perspective that we are here to usher in heaven on earth. To learn to transcend (transform) this physical plane as a place of suffering, battles, sickness, laboriousness, poverty and survival of the fittest—and instead make our experience of the ethereal and the physical one thing. Elevated, coherent, loving, prosperous, healthy…
Most of us hold or have held a blend of the two, like threads woven in to a collective psychic safety net of DNA, too afraid to be snookered and believe in something ridiculous, yet compelled to seek something greater. 
“From all appearances it seems as if our world is a lower level reflection or projection of a higher-dimensional reality, much like Plato’s shadows on the walls of the proverbial cave.” ~Paul Levy, Quantum Revelation
At any given moment, if you tune in deeply enough, you can sense what is and what else also is that you haven’t made reality yet, because the realities we live, and can live, coexist. 
In quantum terms, they are happening all at the same time. By learning to apply coherent attention and elevate energetic existence, we can find ourselves “jumping realities” like a quantum particle, disappearing from one perspective and experience to another greater one.
In other words, heaven isn’t limited to a place, it’s a state of being where such things as miracles, synchronicities, spontaneous healings, bliss, peace, kindness, integrity, nobility, wealth, loving relationships, vibrant health are already everyday experiences, even if they’re not yours—yet. 
Lord knows, most us have gone through what felt like hell to experience heaven, but learned and done, it doesn’t have to remain that way. The more we bring in the higher-dimensional reality by who we are becoming, the more space heaven (higher-dimensional reality) has to take up residence.
We are here to absolutely fall in love with this life, the physicality of it all, the ethereal dimensions of it all, the mystery, the known, the unknown. Not hold our collective breath for something better, controlling and limiting the dimensions. We are it. We are the better, if we choose to be (and there are plenty who won’t).
Your true nature, the higher dimension, knows you are unlimited. Your learned nature, which can include your history, the present, genetics, and ancestry, says your limited, mistaking limitation for safety. It’s a reasonable conclusion for eons of a limbic brain on guard, but a faulty one if you want to grow in bliss, contribution, and wellbeing, for example.
As a globe of individuals, we are perhaps more keenly aware of what doesn’t feel like heaven than ever. That doesn’t change the quantum reality, the higher dimensions, available to us. Hopefully instead, it stirs the embers of a bigger fire to bring it in.
Heaven on earth isn’t a fruity new agey concept. It’s a deeply responsible one that realizes the power of your mind, heart, and intention for the good of your personal life as well as the global life. That digs deep to pull out the threads of your awareness stitching together the collective futility. 
As those threads fly loose, untethered from a consciousness in hell and limitation, they become available to intentionally weave into a new future that weaves heaven into a global way of being as well as a personal one.
Try this…

  1. Pay attention to where you find yourself agreeing with the way things “are” or “must be” in conversations, plans and intentions, even in the possibility of greater good. They may not be black and white, but muddled shades of grays. 
  2. Do you limit what you imagine by what you’ve experienced so far? Because it feels too good to be true? Because it doesn’t seem materially possible? Because it feels selfish? Your success is everyone’s success. Be true to your heart. Make us some heaven please.
  3. Do you measure your words to get along instead of fueling the flame of a bigger fire? Do you feel weighted by the perspectives around you or inspired and elevated? What would you rather experience, believe, contribute to your personal and the collective psyche?
  4. What do the elements of your heaven on earth include? Seriously. If you don’t know, then you’re likely living in someone else’s version. Fill in the blank.
  5. Heaven on earth doesn’t live on a plan. It lives in the unknown where the greatest things are possible. You may set many plans to start in a direction, we all use them. Then higher possibility happens in your ability to stay tuned in to yourself, navigating the darkness and light, trusting yourself to divine answers and support for your unlimited self.

I hope that you fall ever-more in love with life, bringing more heaven in by being you.
Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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