Managing Your Power:

Imagine if we were all coming from an empowered place. We wouldn’t need jealousy, competition, bitterness, criticism….
Imagine businesses built from an empowered place within the executives, instead of chasing their significance. Imagine teachers teaching from an empowered place within themselves and students learning easier and faster. Imagine lovers and friends relating from empowerment rather than struggling or fighting for it.
Life is seeking to move you toward more empowerment in whatever way is necessary. It’s a constant. Where ever you are, empowerment expanded will bring more of you, your gifts, your love and purpose into the world. 

Empowerment has many forms, all of which birth from the way you esteem and love yourself. When you esteem and love yourself, you don’t need to grasp for power from someone else. And when you are esteemed in return, you do not need to fight for a place in their lives. Power well lived is reciprocal. A circulation, if you will, of the life force that moves life consciously forward…or unconsciously.
Reciprocity in power isn’t giving to get. At its best, reciprocity is a way of checking in on how you’re managing your power, the patterns you hold about yourself and making sure it is in circulation and not stagnate, drained, or going one direction. 

Think of power as life force, rather than domination, superiority/inferiority, or position.  Where do you have power? Where do you not have power? Where do you bargain for it? Where do you grasp for it? Where are you rigid with it? Where do you over-wield it? Where do you need to learn to simply stand in it? That it is a constant? To listen to it? Take stock of it?
You need power to love and be loved fully, to bring your ideas into implementation, to be consistent as a parent, to be decisive, to create a thriving business culture, for example.

If you find you’re loving and it isn’t returning, then what patterns are you holding that keep your power moving one direction? If your ideas don’t see the light of day, do you believe in yourself? If you’re inconsistent as a parent, what scares you about your power to stand firm with boundaries, to believe in your ability to contribute to, guide, and shape another human being?
Power can be out of balance in the other direction as well. Trying to make all your ideas into something rather than sifting through for the best. Being rigid as a parent. Creating a business culture that focuses on a product rather than the humans implementing the product. Sucking up the energy in a room or a relationship. Battering another to make yourself heard.
Imagine that we asked empowered questions that assumed possibility rather than impossibility. Something like, 

  • What would need to happen for me to…?
  • Who must I become to experience…?
  • What must shift (within you or in general) in order for …. to happen? 
  • How could ….. take place?

Then imagine taking action with yourself in those directions with the intuitive and physical data that comes to you. Empowered questions help eliminate agendas we may hold for another and deepen our self-responsibility for crafting our lives, for making a more beautiful world. They teach us to come from possibility rather than impossibility. 
Your power is a given. You’re born with it. But it must be attended to. Cultivated. Loved, balanced, and set into circulation and reciprocity. 

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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