The History You Make:

What you learn from history,
You can use to make history.
Looking back isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re looking only at the moonrise in front of you, you may miss the extraordinary colors of the sunset behind you. If you’re fishing off the bow of your boat, what if the fish is outsmarting you at the stern? If your business, job or project encounters a snag, you may need to look at the road you’ve been traveling to solve it.
Thankfully, time isn’t actually linear, even though we generally speak about it and experience it as such. From the quantum physicists, Max Planck, Einstein, Bohm, and so on, we’ve learned that everything is happening at the same time, even while we are experiencing the “time marches on” effect.
Our linear understanding of our humanity plays an important role in helping us learn, however. Time makes us aware of the importance of the finite length of our physical lives, the preciousness of the time we spend with those we love. It gives a way to make commitments to finish a project, to arrive for dinner. Time gives us a way to learn and be able to put something “behind” us, so that we move forward into more success and expansion, rather than being tied to the same lessons ad nauseum.
Your boat is moving forward through the water of life, called space, experiencing time through that space. You have life events, choices, experiences and so on “behind” you and new potentials “ahead” of you. 
How you perceive your history lays the foundation for the history you have yet to make. If your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are in agreement on that perception, then you’ll feel a level of flow, greater ease and joy in the now and in the intentions you have for what you do with your life — making history.
If they are not in agreement, your subconscious will play out. It’s simple math. Your subconscious mind is 90-95 percent and your conscious mind is 5-10 percent. With your conscious mind, you can make choices and decisions for change and do what you need to get your subconscious going the same direction.
The inner work you do with yourself, changing the perceived history in your subconscious (every cell of your body), changes how you experience time, your history, your present moment, and your future. 
The quantum perspective, that everything is happening at once, means that the energy of an event, an experience, a perspective you developed in your history is not bound to the time within which it was formed. 
Herein lies the magic, it is never too late to shift the experience of your history that you no longer wish to carry or play out. The results could mean amping up your athletic performance, your ability as a writer. Or eliminating trauma, self-judgment, and grief. It could mean completely changing your relationship with money, your significant other, drawing the things and the people and experiences into your life that you desire; healing your body; having a totally different experience of your childhood now that was 50 years ago, or 5. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s possible.
I was speaking with a new client this week, whom I’ve quoted below. I live and breathe this perspective every day in my own learning cycles. She was so excited that someone actually does this work and to soon be free of a pattern she’s lived with most of the decades of her life. She asked herself, am I done or is there more? Her passion and enthusiasm in our conversation was part of what inspired this week’s blog.
The wake behind you may contain things you no longer need. It may also inform you how your boat is running, the direction you’ve traveled. You may spot the seal who’s eating the fish before you reel it in, or the line of wind that is on its way to you so you can adjust your sails accordingly. 
The Spanish philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Winston Churchill wrote similarly, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
Don’t be afraid to look at your history for what you need to know yourself more deeply, to set yourself free, and set yourself up for a greater return on your investments ahead. Leading your life successfully, fulfillingly, joyfully, means gleaning the lessons of your past in such a way they are the wisdom you live naturally now. 
Make a history worth repeating and exceeding.

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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