The Genius:

If you had chosen a completely different time-line, made completely different choices, chosen an easier or a more difficult route to this point, transformed different limitations and conditioning, had different successes and failures, and come to different epiphanies, it would all still be used for your beautiful life as if you’d planned it that way all along.
People refer to genius in different ways, yet point to the same idea. Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap, refers to is as the core of your gift that you are here to give. He makes a key distinction between your zone of excellence, which is things you are good at, but yet are still not expressing your key uniqueness and your zone of genius, which is yours alone and feels so natural to you, you might miss it. 
Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist and author of Becoming Supernatural, refers to genius as your multidimensional capacity. That you are not simply human, you are unlimited and the point is to take this conscious vehicle you call your body into an unlimited, creative, conscious life with your genius leading the way instead of your previous conditioning and limitations.
David Whyte, Poet says, “Genius is becoming who you were all along.”
Personal evolution is authoring your life in such a way that you deliberately participate with life’s infinity, it’s unfailing love (that you also give yourself), and energetically transform anything and everything to reveal your ever-evolving genius. 
There’s a moment in transformation that happens when the energy shifts and you’re suddenly in your new perspective, free of the limitation, the belief, what happened, the need to manage it with positive thinking, or “work on it.”
The stuckness, the perspective, the pain, the behavior, and the reason for its existence, is completely gone along with the mental ruminating, the justification, the physical symptoms, and needing to talk about it. You feel light, spacious inside, in a new reality, and here’s the key…it’s almost as if it never existed.
In a moment, all the intention, attention, energy, effort and meditation you devoted to transforming something you no longer wanted to feel, think, experience, manage or be into what you do, folds into your epiphany. Your new perspective can feel at once exciting, surreal and peacefully natural
It’s a transcendent moment of connecting with more of your genius free of the previous conditioning that kept you disconnected. Your soul has reclaimed more of its space from ego. And it feels, well, natural. Because it is natural. It’s You.
The Field we live in is not separate from us. It is us. Our higher natures are collaborating together as one (because they are one) to create and adjust and move with every nuance so that everything works out in your favor and in mine. 
So imagine your life from the perspective that you have missed nothing. That everywhere you feel limited is another part of your genius eager to be revealed. And as it is revealed, the path you took to get there becomes perfect. And so it is.

Here’s to more of You in this world, 


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