Movie makers often begin by filming the last scene of a movie first. I’ve wondered why  they would do it that way. Wouldn’t they want to get a feel for how the scenes unfold, how the chemistry of the actors develops, how the director/producer and actors synergize, how the improvisations add to the story? Then match the ending to it? 
Instead, they determine how the movie unfolds by where they’re going. They are coming from the energy of where they’re headed. The ending. The actors connect into the ending and the movie is then made with that scene in mind. If the scenes were filmed without an end in mind, you could film the most perfect scenes and yet have an incoherent or scattered story.
Your inner wisdom wants to guide you like the greatest directors guide the greatest actors toward your greatest end. 
This inner wisdom is already connected with your true nature and infinite versions of your greatest life moving with your choices, your own improvisations. When you declare your desires and intentions to yourself, your inner wisdom is immediately tuned in to a next step, to what you need, how to get there, choices to be made, stage left.
Your life is a powerful creative act. An experiment in time and space. You can take it anywhere you want to. If you are at odds with yourself, your inner wisdom, your true nature and desires, you may experience pain in its various forms. We get so out of sync when we fixate on our physical world with its messages and bling instead of remaining tuned in with our inner wisdom. 
Every part of you wants you to feel whole, happy, full of joy and abundance. Your body, your spirit, your mind, your heart. So why not collaborate and cooperate with this inner wisdom that wants to work like a symphony with you? It doesn’t mean you won’t experience grief and sadness and anger along with ecstasy, peace and bliss. 
It’s all part of the symphony of wholeness.
When you live tuned in, connecting with where you’re going, your endings, and cooperating instead of resisting, collaborating instead of competing with your inner wisdom, you will be guided, in a million different ways. 
Then all those crazy seeming failures, addictions, broken relationships, dis-ease, bankruptcies, unexpected pregnancies, divorce, and pandemics, fold in with the crazy bliss, successes, soaring stocks, best selling books, races run, loving relationships, ice cream eaten, to become your own personal epoch.
I like real butter on my popcorn.

Here’s to more of You in the world, 


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