Your Soul In Business 2.0: You & Your Elements at Play!


You value Freedom.

You know yourself in a new way.

The new journey has begun.


Thursday, April 23 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Friday, April 24th  from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Private Retreat space in Happy Valley, OR.

Because this is a private residence, you will be given details of location once you are registered and near the date of the Retreat.

(Please see hotels in the area if you are coming from out of town. There are several restaurants in the area or feel free to bring your own and eat on the deck as weather permits.)






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  • Apply your Elements for tangible and daring results in the ‘real’ world.
  • Discover the shadows (the places you unconsciously hide your brilliance or overcompensate) and the light of What you Give (Outer Element) and your strength (Inner Element).
  • Deliberately unfold the endless meaning they hold for you for loving life and living who you are in every area.
  • Apply your ‘map’ from 1.0 and your Elements to your daily life, to your marketing (if you are a business owner), to your clientele (who you serve), to your work, to your next adventure.
  • Learn how they apply to crossroads and places of decision.
  • Stay connected with the values you mapped out, the magnetism, the direction.
  • Connect your wild intentions and deepest desires with your Elements and map.


As a Your Soul in Business Alumnus:

  • You have a deep desire to know yourself and for your business to be an expression of who you are.
  • You discovered your Outer and Inner Elements, that deep sense of purpose and expression that is uniquely yours.
  • You began to mindmap your key feeling foundations, your true values, and the  drivers of your desires and sense of purpose.
  • And as always, in addition having a curriculum, every retreat is organic with something surprising for the unique group that gathers!


What’s Next?

It’s time to Play!

Creative exploration, interactive dialogue, and insightful instruction will guide you to put all you’ve gained into action in the real world. We’ve focused on the right brain, the esoteric. As you continue to work from there, you will also move it into left brain kinds of action and results.

You’ll be creatively guided to unfold what your Outer and Inner Elements tell you about yourself, your genius, your potential, where to focus for creating the change you desire, and how to focus going forward.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Learn how your Elements, Intentions, and the magnetism of your unique Feelings work together to live from your true center.
  • Learn the Shadow and Light aspects of your Elements so you know when you’ve moved outside them and are working against yourself.
  • Discover the ways you uniquely dim, over-give, avoid, misuse, and misunderstand your key strength (Inner Element) and what you are here to give (Outer Element) and what to do to find your flow and center again.
  • How to work with Intention in combination with your Elements & Feelings to create the life and work that are your true passion.
  • Learn to use your Elements to move you forward, dissolving the ways you hold yourself back.
  • Redefine “More.” It’s not more pushing, exacting a path, or more life-sucking tasks. More joy, connection, wealth, purpose, and meaning. Open yourself to that more, recognize your resistance, and melt it.
  • Connect with your inner guide, your intuition, and navigate your life from there.
  • Receive 1:1 insight and energy alchemy for dissolving inner barriers to what holds you back.

Come enjoy yourself, be inspired and challenged to your next level with like-minded and like-hearted business owners and life-lovers!

What Participants are Saying…

Shelley’s workshops (and Shelley) are nothing less than magical.

It’s THE ONLY workshop I have wanted to be at in YEARS! I don’t mind sitting and just being, and usually this is not my cup of tea. I want to be productive and have felt many workshops are a waste of my time…NOT the case with Shelley; I just want to “be” and soak it all in, knowing this work is going to change me for the better. The last time I felt this content and happy was in “Your Soul for business 1.0”. 

Thank you Shelley for your magnificent work, presence, and clarity you bring to everyone’s life! What you are able to “see” and shift is such a gift and amazes me. I can’t wait to implement this work into my life and business…In fact, I already am. Before I left the workshop, I was already making different choices and plans in my life that were better for ME.


~ Lila Ojeda, MS, RDN, CSCS, RYT, LO Solutions


Tom Stevens

“I wanted to clear the way to move ahead in my business and I am walking away with a new found understanding of who I am in business and personal life both. I have moved toward my wholeness and allowing life to open around me. You have given me the ability to open my arms to all that comes. You are a master of intuition.”

~ Tom Stevens, Business owner, Boise, Idaho


I love your dynamic visionary nature! I wanted deeper self-exploration after discovering my Outer and Inner Elements in Your Soul in Business 1.0. They were so accurate and revealing about who I am. I wanted to fully interpret them, go deeper in self exploration, and what that means for my work as an artist and a healer, or whatever form it takes.

I knew with Shelley teaching it would be a gift to open with her dynamic visionary nature! What I received as a surprise is that it helped bring back my playful nature and changed my relationship with money to be more intimate with it again.

~ Mimi Near, Mosaic Artist and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Oregon


“One of my favorite keys about Your Soul in Business™ is that who you are is the service. That made such a huge difference for me in my work and life and brought me so much peace. I increased my clarity and alignment with my Outer and Inner Elements for very intentionally creating my life going forward. I got such a clear understanding of where I was holding myself back and so much more. We dove into clarity and being who we are in the world. I moved so much old, stuck energy out of my way! The money section was powerful for me. I loved working with this amazing group to create more freedom for ourselves.”

~ Lisa Wright, Property Management, Vancouver, WA


“I wanted to get better at using my Outer & Inner Elements to create a business and life that is in balance. I had been struggling with really putting them into use because it was such a new way of seeing myself. The way we put our Elements into action helped me feel aligned with my soul and confident going forward to accept myself. Putting it all together with my intentions and my true valued feelings put everything into perspective. I understand now what I need to be in balance and realize my true desires. This retreat was great!”

Becky S., Business Owner, Portland, OR


“It’s happening! It’s happening! I’m realizing who I am. It’s making me giddy to think I can work the way I really want to. Knowing my Elements has brought things into focus for me. No wonder I was tired, frustrated, and angry my entire childhood, indoctrinated with the belief that my greatest gift needed to be suppressed. And no wonder the way I have approached my career thus far, albeit successful, doesn’t support my gift.

I had so many aha’s during the retreat. Now I realize I get to be a conduit instead of a pusher, and I can let things flow naturally without trying to orchestrate them.

The way you walked us through Mindmapping helped me realize my true values, and by approaching those values from what makes me feel wholeness, freedom, love, and belonging – both in terms of my inner sense of being and my outer expression in the world – it made things really simple. Everything is falling into place.”

~Your Soul in Business attendee




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Refund Policy: Your investment is refundable in full (less a $50 administration fee), up to and including April 15th. After that date your investment is no longer refundable.

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