Your Soul In Business: Connect Who You Are with the Business You are in.



Every one of us has a creative power all our own, a combination and an essence within us that is unique.

Discover Yours.

Join the people from all walks of life — writers, parents, financial advisers, marketing execs, adventurers, healers, techies, entrepreneurs, admin professionals, artists, attorneys, coaches, builders, teachers, and health professionals — who have discovered themselves anew, the essence of what they uniquely give, the secret to what uniquely fuels it for them, and ignited a way forward unlike what they have known before.

 “I love what I do and have had a pretty good sense of my purpose, but this was the missing piece I’ve been looking for. This took me to the source of it all. I have totally changed the way I work.”
~ Camilla Blossom, Business Owner, Hood River, OR

Identifying my Elements in ‘Your Soul in Business’ has changed the way I interact in all my communities. I am a better businesswoman, partner, parent, and friend.
~ Lisa Wright, Business Owner, Vancouver, WA

Your Soul in Business™ Retreat

Portland | Private Retreat Space
TBD (Invite me to your beautiful location)

Super-Early Bird Investment Of $675

Your Soul in Business™ Retreat

Private Retreat Space
Request this retreat for your company, organization or group of soulful mavericks. Up to 15 people at a time.

Super-Early Bird Investment Of $675

  • Is being in business what you thought it would be?
  • Have you outgrown your life?
  • Are you successful, but feel like there’s something more, something missing?
  • What is at the core of your passion, for work and life?
  • Do you wonder if you’re really living your true life’s purpose?
  • Do you crave clarity for your next adventure in life or livelihood?
  • Ready to create what comes next?

Your work is the door we will walk through, but the adventure will open you to all of your life — who you are and what you are here to do.

  • Receive, Release & Recalibrate
  • Discover what you uniquely give the world, your unique creative power.
  • Liberate your potential from the ways you resist it with profound insight and energetic transformation.
  • Know your “why”. It is intrinsic to you.
  • Catalyze your new direction, new ideas, creative flow.
  • Discover how on track you’ve been all along.
  • Know you are the gift. Being who you are is the service.
  • Open doors of opportunity and relationship (ask many of those who have taken YSB)
  • Renew and restore your passion and focus.
  • Have a profound experience of self-discovery.

Come with me on an adventure for connecting with yourself, your true purpose and passion, and what your soul has you in business for in the first place.

When you ask an entrepreneur what they are in the business of, they are likely to tell you what they do — parent, financial planner, coach, technology, widget making. Or perhaps they’ll refer to their mission — “to help others fulfill their potential”. Yet neither of these responses gets to the organic essence of what is so unique to them that their best clients, friends, and colleagues can’t get enough of it. This is what I call the Outer Element of Your Soul in Business™.

That same individual on a quest to be the best they can be is likely so focused on their business, their life, their mission, that they are not aware of the inner impulse that has them in business in the first place (the second and Inner Element of Your Soul in Business).

This Inner Element, is a thread that runs throughout your life’s most challenging times and reveals your untapped and greatest strength. Ignored, it leaves you in resistance with the very potential you most want to express—in all areas of your life—and working much harder than you need to. When you connect with it, it is the key to fueling your growth and thriving.

As we discover your Outer and Inner Elements, and help you free yourself of the resistance that inevitably comes up, you discover the incredible and unique essence of what you’re here for.

In a mix of teaching, lively interaction, sacred space, profound self-discovery, energy transformation, intuitive insight, and creative expression, this retreat promises to be unlike anything you have experienced before, particularly in the business world.

What Participants are Saying…

homequotesI came to Your Soul in Business because I realized that what I needed most was a connection between my inner self and my outer/business self. Now I have a new view of life coming to me. Your personal power emanates throughout your workshop, infusing us with the power to change and develop.” ~ Tom Stevens, Business Owner 

homequotes“Honestly, my partner sent me here because she attended. I thought I would get information. Now I see the world differently. I cleared stuck places and fear I didn’t know I had. I have new energy and vision of what I have yet to live into. Your authenticity showed that something new is possible. I did not see you put on a mask to reach a goal. Not once in three days. I am inspired.”
Cole Struhar, Vancouver, WA, International Psychology, Ombudsman

 “I homequotesattended Your Soul in Business Retreat and saw the power of Shelley’s gifts in person as she skillfully navigated very different people finding their Inner and Outer Elements. Watching her work with other people confirmed that it wasn’t just the way she worked with me. The way she handled a group was so direct, concise and powerful with no room for b.s. She’s unapologetic and compassionate at the same time in the way she guides people. Identifying my Elements in Your Soul in Business has changed the way I interact in all my communities; I am a better businesswoman, partner, parent and friend. Because of that retreat I feel much more congruent in my body and in the world. I have a new level of vulnerability that allows me to share myself. People get to know me, instead of me being afraid to be known. I have done so many workshops, self-help, therapy, spiritual seeking in the past 10 years, my work with Shelley has been some of the most helpful, profound and transformative work that I have ever experienced.”  

~Lisa Wright, Owner Operator, Wilson Wright Properties, Property Management, Vancouver, WA

homequotes“I came looking for a new direction in my career. I feel that I can move forward with confidence knowing myself and what is important to me, how to be in balance.” ~Becky Salsburg, CFP, EA

homequotes“I’m much clearer about how to reconcile my personal life and my professional life. You have changed my life and given me confidence to trust my instincts even when my partner doesn’t trust my feelings (he’s afraid I will change my mind). With this congruency, he’s beginning to believe I do know myself.” ~Anonymous

homequotes“I felt lost in what direction to go in my life. Finding my Inner and Outer Elements helps my understand and name what I offer. I have new insight on how my insides can match my outside to be more congruent and integrated. You have such a gift of being able to see right to the core of who people are. It is a pleasure and a gift to get to work with you and watch as people (including myself) get to be set free.” ~ Anonymous

homequotes“I am in such a better place with being different and accepting who I am. I loved the safety and care you gave to the group and each participant.” ~ Amy Mason, Marketing

“I’homequotesm in a life/career transition, leaving a corporate job and wanting my next phase to be more meaningful. I have a better sense of how to navigate the unknown sea. My favorite part was putting everything together during the mindmap exercise. I find it a useful tool to generate possibilities. Shelley gets to the heart of the matter in helping clients identify possibilities for next actions.” ~ Anonymous

homequotes“Thank you so much for sharing a valuable gift! I use what I have gained daily. Discovering my Outer Element, what I am really in the business of, brought to the surface and congealed what I had been feeling, but hadn’t been able to put into words. It feels clear, direct, and sure. I was intrigued by the smooth way you brought it out of us, while including all of us in each person’s experience. The entire experience was calm, focused and always uplifting. I felt heard, understood, and had fun!”
~Mimi Near, Mosaic Artist  Extraordinaire and Energy Medicine Practitioner


 “I’d tell someone who was thinking about Your Soul in Business™, be ready to learn a lot about yourself. I was searching for true meaning in my business.

I knew I was creative, but I had not given myself permission to be creative. It gave me peace to reconcile what I thought was a duality within me between being stable and reliable and being creative.

This showed me I can live in the AND instead of one or the other. This was a wonderful retreat and very rejuvenating. I didn’t think about the office at all.

~Katie McGinley, Attorney



 “I had coached with Shelley and wanted to go to another level of integrating my intuition and purpose in my life. I really “got” that my Outer Element is my essence no matter what I’m doing.

I discovered my gift as a healer in all that I do. And had a big ‘aha’ in the concept of whole-body consciousness!

Thank you, this is what I was looking for.”

 Jennifer Wilmoth Consultant, Portland, OR



 “I love what I do and have had a pretty good sense of my purpose, but this was the missing piece I’ve been looking for. This took me to the source of it all.

My whole approach to work has changed to be more relaxed, clear, and trusting. I have new ideas, new approaches, and life changes. I needed clarity. I know now my true nature is more than enough! I have clarity, ideas, solution, I feel empowered.

Shelley helped me get to the core of what was missing in expanding my work, and life to the next level of evolution, prosperity and happiness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” “

Camilla Sun Blossom, Nature Spirit Medicine,


“ I came here strictly on a referral. I had no knowledge of the course or what it was all about. I think it was beneficial for me NOT to know what to expect and to come into this seminar without an agend or something I wanted to “get out of it.” That just happened organically and with great truth to it. I will be forever grateful to you Shelley, for the awakening that I have experienced during my time with you. Thank you seems so inadequate.”

~With Gratitude, Brandon LeMay
Analyst, Garden Grove, CA



“I have already recommended this workshop to others. This workshop blew me away. My purpose has become clear. I feel like I have a foundation from which to nourish my business AND myself.

Your use of  EFT™ as one of the energy tools changed my perception. My previous experience of it was terrible. Now I see how skillfully it can be done and use it for myself.

The group experience was so rich. The group vibe was so helpful. I know I am not alone in the my struggles. Thank you! This class was amazing, useful, nourishing and had immediate effects.”

~ Tanjua Goulet, L.Ac. ~ Licensed Acupuncturist


Leslie-Huddart-YSBYour Soul in Business was all I hoped for and them some. I have a deep and wide gratitude and appreciation for  Shelley and a renewed awe and enthusiasm for energy medicine and its role in personal development. It’s true you can only go as high as you go deep and Shelley has unique gifts that facilitate going deep, clear and wide with ease and a comfortable sense of play.

I highly recommend her work for anyone wanting to blow the door open on clarity and let their inner wisdom out of the bag. I’ve benefitted tremendously.”

~ Leslie Huddart L.Ac. ~ Acupuncturist, Medical Herbalist ~ Portland, Oregon


bonnie-peterson-YSBYour Soul in Business was not a linear workshop like I expected, which was good for me! I liked everything about it. I realize now the transition I am making into more right brain. Being temporarily retired and looking for my next work, I came with a desire for clarity in my next steps. Your Soul in Business gave me clarity about who I am and my talents—my Inner Element was HUGE!

This process peeled off many layers of obstacles and shifted my perceptions of the hidden gifts I have to offer others. It’s fast, deep, practical and enriching all at the same time.” ~ Bonnie Peterson, M.A. ~ Camas, Washington


“I came to ‘Your Soul in Business’ seeking more clarity, direction, and validation for my role in my present career and business. What I got out of the retreat was something greater; a concise, yet complete articulation of what I do. The ‘Outer Element’ gets to the heart of what I am accomplishing through financial planning without even mentioning finances, budgets or retirement plans.

My Inner Element resonates with my core—makes me feel like I have a unique gift and a tool to drive my Outer Element

I consider myself a pretty intuitive person. But it is amazing to watch you in action. What would take me a couple days to work through with someone, you get to in 3 questions.

I feel excited to see the results of this good work in my life. I have no doubt the bounty will be limitless!

-Jessi Howe, Financial Planning Firm Owner, Portland, OR


“I came with a desire to find purpose, self growth and connection. Your Soul in Business is really about your soul in life. I appreciate the intuitive sensitivity and personal attention to each person and yet in a non-threatening way, making it comfortable to share openly. Thank you! ” ~ Anonymous


“I came here because I was stuck. A few friends of mine suggested I try Shelley’s retreat.

Shelley opened me up in a way my therapy could never do. She has a special laserlike skill for finding the energy inside that is trying to get out. She gives you permission to be who you are in life and in business. Permission to let the best parts of yourself drive your life.

Totally inspiring. Energy is the answer. What a gift. Thank you!”

~ Debbie “Fixy” Fitz, Graphic Artist, San Diego, CA

You’ll find more random comments from participants at the end of this page.

“Your soul is your central creating force.” ~ Carolyn Myss

Here’s what happens…

Day 1:

  • Learn the four key principles Your Soul in Business™ is built on
    • Change is created by where you come FROM internally.
    • Being who you are IS the service.
    • Know what you really give.
    • Utilize Resistance.
  • Learn the Three Elements of Your Soul in Business™
  • Learn
  • Discover your Outer Element!

Regardless of the profession you are in, there is an experience that your best clients and customers have through working with you that is intangible, yet powerful. It doesn’t change whether you sell widgets, coach, write, or perform surgery. This is your Outer Element and I’ll guide you with questions, intuition, conversation, and energy transformation to discover what it is.

Combining your Outer and Inner Elements will change the way you look at your life and work forever. “It’s magical,” said a client.

  • Each person receives individual attention and coaching within a group setting.
  • Experience the use of energy for lasering in and dissolving inner resistance and blocks in your business.

Day 2:

  • Review and refine your Outer Element
  • Discover the hidden strength behind your pain that is your key area of focus for thriving (this is huge for many people because it is not what they thought it would be).
  • What’s the point of soul? Learn the 10 reasons that show you how your life and business transform from this inner compass.
  • Discover your Inner Element!

Once you discover and live from your Inner Element, your work—and all areas of your life—will become more connected, directed, meaningful, and synchronistic. It is the area we are most in conflict with and most compelled toward, yet it remains out of our consciousness in this way.

Your Inner Element is surprisingly not about who you serve. It is about you. It holds the key to your deepest potentials and when you focus your growth here, you will thrive your life and livelihood.

Uncovering your soul’s unique impulse is like receiving permission that comes from the deepest part of you—permission to move toward your ever-expanding greatness with the playfulness that is the nature of the soul. As you integrate its truth, you’ll find that playfulness coming through into what you do.

  • Discover your Unique Inner Element—your soul’s unique impulse. We’re really good at making money, fulfilling a mission, caring for our clients, generating ideas, having an impact, but what gets left out is what our soul has us there for in the first place. When we connect with this, the magic happens in the new choices we make.
  • Make sense of what brought you to this point and fall in love with your work again.
  • Relate to resistance and patterns that are blocking your success as inner allies.
  • Have the opportunity for individual coaching snippets.
  • Experience the use of energy for lasering in and dissolving inner resistance, stress and blocks in your business and discerning this inner element.

Day 3:

What you discover in the first two days changes things. We’ll play creatively with Integrating your Outer and Inner Elements.

  • Review your Outer & Inner Elements
  • Reflect and refine who you serve
  • Discover agreements you’ve made with your business
  • Discern the Core you want to create from
  • Mindmap it all together to maximize your results and create a guide going forward.

We will walk through putting these into action, understanding and being awake to nuances as you move forward with this new awareness. You will learn how to continue drawing from these revelations and play with how your business and life actually form themselves around these Elements as you choose to embrace and integrate them.

The Outer and Inner Elements help you integrate your gifts, training, talents, mission and desires, and the key patterns in the challenges you’ve walked through.

  • The big question is how this changes things. We’ll literally draw out the possibilities with paper and colored pens. 
  • We’ll focus first on Integration and the shifts this makes in your approach to business and life.
  • We’ll draw the magic out and put these elements into action.
  • See your next steps reveal themselves.
  • Use these elements to evolve forward in relationship with others and your business.
  • Synthesize these elements with your gifts and abilities to stop holding back.
  • Have the opportunity for individual coaching snippets.
  • Experience the use of energy for lasering in and dissolving inner resistance and blocks in your business.

Everybody loves a story…

Cari thought she already knew her soul’s agenda after being in business for 20 plus years. She assumed it was her mission to empower people. I stopped her mid sentence. “That is what you are ultimately in the business of, but it is not your soul’s agenda for you being in business.”

When I walked her through to discover her Inner Element, it was not about the service she provides, it was about her. It always is. It brought tears to her eyes. It immediately freed her inside from resistance she had been fighting for years and ways she held herself back in her mission. It told her about herself and gave her permission to open to more of her greatness. It shifted her perspective in how she runs her business, responds to staff and enjoys her life and success. It felt like play.

“Knowing my soul’s unique impulse gave me a plumb line, a measurement for when I contemplate whether or not to do something in my business, personal life, or take on a project. I think, oh yeah, that’s what I’m here for, I’m free to play. I can finally set aside fears that I’m somehow manipulating and feel free. My soul’s impulse gives me a beacon and the  permission that allows me to move forward.”

Your Soul in Business™ Retreat

Portland | Private Retreat Space
June 18-19 2015

Super-Early Bird Investment Of $475 thru April 30
(Rises to $499 on May 1, then $599 on June 1)

* Location details will be emailed after registration*

Your Soul in Business™ Retreat

Private Retreat Space
August 20-21 2015

Super-Early Bird Investment Of $499 thru June 30
(Rises to $599 on August 1st)

* Location details will be emailed after registration*

Even More Experiences and Comments From Previous Your Soul In Business™ clients and students;

  • “My work feels like an effortless effort.”
  • “My life makes sense now.”
  • “I am 100% more creative, 100% more focused, 100% happier.”
  • “Putting these elements together took me deeper than what I thought I knew about my purpose.”
  • “This goes into a whole other level of personal branding. This gets to the essential underlying element no matter what the demographics.”
  • “It’s no wonder I’ve been working so hard.”
  • “I feel like I’m playing now.”
  • “It helps you avoid a fickle market and stay focused on your own path.”
  • “When I shared what I’m in the business of with a potential and hesitant new client, he was onboard immediately. He could connect with me and related to what I’m really in the business of. I am changing my marketing and promotional materials to reflect what I’ve discovered about myself after all these years in business.”
  • “It melted my internal resistance to my next chapter of business.”
  • “Phenomenal.”
  • “My staff noticed the change in me immediately. I am much more effective. And happier!”
  • “It guides me away from “‘bright shiny objects.'”
  • “It’s magical… the way these two pieces come together. It gave me a new kind of ‘permission’ to be myself.”