Your Soul In Business Live Teleclass Replay

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Teleclass – Your Soul in Business: Make the Connection Between Who You Are & the Business You Are In

Presenter: Shelley Hawkins

Teleclass: Wednesday, May 1, 2013
7pm – 8pm EST

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What are you in the business of?
What drives you to be in this business?
What is the core of your passion for your business?
When you ask an entrepreneur what they are in the business of, they are likely to tell you what they do — financial planning, coaching, technology, widget making. Or perhaps they’ll refer to their mission — “to empower people in financial goals,” for example. Yet neither of these responses gets to the organic depth of what the entrepreneur is really in the business of; that thing that is innate to who they are and will impassion them forward.

During this one hour teleclass conducted in an interview & dialogue style, you’ll discover that what you’re really in the business of does not come from the heady or linear side of business building. It digs into the unique meaning you bring through your business, and it moves with you regardless of the business you’re in. It may adjust and take on different nuances if you move from being a computer programmer to a sailboat builder, but it will be inherently similar.There is an experience your clients and customers have with you that is unique and descriptive of the particular benefit and service that you bring to the world.

When you unwrap this from within yourself and couple it with the discovery ofyour soul’s unique impulse for having you in business, the new understanding creates a synergistic, playful, and personal plumb line for evolving both you and your business forward. It will free you, energize your passion, provide a reference and guidance point, and deepen your fulfillment, challenging you to step onto the playground to be in and continue to evolve the brilliance of who you are.

You will learn what a soul-aligned business is and is not and that the soul’s unique impulse for having you in business is distinct from what you’re in the business of. The soul’s impulse is about you and the deeper fuel that both feeds and moves you that many are unconsciously in conflict with.

Coming from the universal principal that what you are inside is reflected in your physical world including your business, Shelley will talk about key elements that make the difference of being truly fulfilled in your business. She will cover topics like:

  • Money as a relationship
  • Discovering unconscious agreements you’ve made with your business that hold you back
  • What it means (and what it doesn’t mean) to be on the leading edge of your life and business from the soul’s perspective–which is also reflective of your relationship with desire.

Lastly, Shelley will talk about how she works with the energy of a person (and wouldn’t do it any other way) to help the individual experience liberation from their beliefs and patterns that are holding them back.

Buy a recording of this teleclass for only $9.95


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