Your Myth

Your Own Myth…

Myth is a truth illustrated in story and symbol. Not a fairytale or fiction, but “a symbol that evokes and directs psychological energy,” said Joseph Campbell. For centuries myth was used to pass on or teach a world view, moral choices, or a truth through the symbols of story whether or not they were actual events, though they usually had some basis in actual events.

 We tell ourselves stories constantly. Stories about our future, past and present; about our work, our relationships, our bodies; our anxieties, money, fears, joys and so on. 

 We can change the story at any moment. Become conscious of the stories flying under our own radar and write a new one, create our own myths that tell a story of our heroism in our personal evolution.

 We want our stories to create a sense of peace and exhilaration, to elevate our energies and emotions for creating new outcomes beyond what we already know.

 Rumi said, “Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

 Campbell said. “Every myth is psychologically symbolic.”  Your brain doesn’t know the difference between something imagined and something real. We can train our brains then, and our bodies, to move into new stories, especially when doing so in theta brain states such as meditation. Most of the anxieties and worst-case scenarios you may tell yourself are not real, but you believe them. At least until you don’t anymore.

 Martha Beck talks about finding the story that brings your body into balance, a state of peace. If you are shoving your body and mind from a story of fear to a story that isn’t believable, doesn’t bring more peace or bliss to the body, it will not move you.

 If, however, you play with your own myth, or myths, until you find those stories of what you are creating, what you gained from your past, who you are and are becoming, your greatness, that resonate as peace and exhilaration in your body, your body will believe you. You’ll be moving your entire self into more wholeness.

 And as Parker Palmer said, “It’s a rebellious act to live from your wholeness.”

 Knowing what isn’t working, where you hold judgments, resentments, anger, grief, covert fear, events, patterns, and so on is important for knowing yourself and dissolving these to make space for your true nature. 

 Write your own myth to support a connection and relationship with yourself and the Field that we create in that moves you into more of your greatness, a symbolic understanding of where you’ve been that allows you to live from its wisdom and open doors to new dimensions.

 We know that where our attention goes, energy flows. The stories we tell ourselves are our myths, the legacy that we write each day. Our lives are written on the hearts of others, left in the ethers as well as the dust and DNA that live on. 

 Your myth is for now and forever, so write a good one. Edit and write some more, for that is your evolution.

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