You & Your Elements
at Play!


You discovered your Outer and Inner Elements in Your Soul in Business™,
that deep sense of purpose and self-discovery.

You began to mindmap your key values based on what makes you come alive,
and the drivers of your desires and sense of purpose.

And as always, in addition to having a curriculum,
every retreat is organic with something surprising for the unique group that gathers!


2.0Creative exploration, interactive dialogue, energy alchemy, and insightful instruction will guide you to put all you’ve gained into action in the real world. We’ve liberated an understanding of yourself that is decidedly right brain, the esoteric. Now you’ll move it from there into practical and integrated kinds of actions and results.

You’ll be creatively guided to unfold what your Outer and Inner Elements tell you about yourself, your genius, your potential, your brand, your marketing, your customer, your relationships, and where to focus for creating the life and livelihood you desire.



  • You have a deep desire to know yourself and for your business to be an expression of who you are.
  • You discovered your Outer and Inner Elements, that deep sense of purpose and expression that is uniquely yours.
  • You began to mindmap your key feeling foundations, your true values, and the drivers of your desires and sense of purpose.
  • And as always, in addition having a curriculum, every retreat is organic with something surprising for the unique group that gathers!


  • Apply your Elements for tangible and daring results in the ‘real’ world.
  • Discover the shadows (the places you unconsciously hide your brilliance or overcompensate) and the light of What you Give (Outer Element) and your strength (Inner Element).
  • Deliberately unfold the endless meaning they hold for you for loving life and living who you are in every area.
  • Apply your ‘map’ from 1.0 and your Elements to your daily life, to your marketing (if you are a business owner), to your clientele (who you serve), to your work, to your next adventure.
  • Learn how they apply to crossroads and places of decision.
  • Stay connected with the values you mapped out, the magnetism, the direction.
  • Connect your wild intentions and deepest desires with your Elements and map.

Your Soul in Business™
2.0 Retreat

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  • Learn how your Elements (see Your Soul in Business 1.0), Intentions, and the magnetism of your aliveness interact together to live from your Center.
  • Learn the Shadow and Light aspects of your Elements so you recognize when you’ve moved away from them.
  • Discover the ways you uniquely misuse and misunderstand your Elements, and what to do to find and maintain your flow and center.
  • How to create the life and business that are your true passion by playing in the combination of your Elements with your intentions and what authentically makes you come alive.
  • Learn to use your Elements to evolve your business and the ways you unknowingly freeze, circle, and hold back.
  • Redefine “more.” It’s not more pushing, exacting a path, or more life-sucking tasks. Open yourself to more joy, play, connection, wealth, while making a profound difference in the lives of people you interact with.
  • Recognize your resistance and use it like a yellow brick road.
  • Grow (or deepen) your trust and connection to your inner guide, your intuition, and navigate your life from there.
  • Receive 1:1 insight and energy alchemy for dissolving inner barriers and manifesting a new future.
  • Translate all of this into the practical such as your marketing, your brand, your direction (new or upgraded), your customer niche, your team of support, the difference you make, your next steps.

What Participants are Saying…


lila“It’s THE ONLY workshop I have wanted to be at in YEARS!
Usually sitting and just being for a workshop is not my cup of tea. I want to be productive and have felt many workshops are a waste of my time…NOT the case with Shelley; I just want to “be” and soak it all in, knowing this work is going to change me for the better. Thank you Shelley for your magnificent work, presence, and clarity you bring to everyone’s life! What you are able to “see” and shift is such a gift and amazes me. I can’t wait to implement this work into my life and business… In fact, I already am. Before I left the workshop, I was already making different choices and plans in my life that were better for ME.”

Lila Ojeda, MS, RDN, CSCS, RYT  LO Solutions


tom“I wanted to clear the way to move ahead in my business
and I am walking away with a new found understanding of who I am in business and personal life both. I have moved toward my wholeness and allowing life to open around me. You have given me the ability to open my arms to all that comes.
You are a master of intuition.”

Tom Stevens Business owner, Boise, Idaho

Your Soul in Business™
2.0 Retreat

April 7 & 8, 2016
Private Retreat space in Vancouver, Wa

$397 for new participants
$197 for returning participants

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