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Every one of us has a creative power all our own, a core gift, an essence within us that seeks expression.
Discover yours.

There is an innate ability at the core of what you give the world —and I do mean the world—that wants to permeate your life.

When you become conscious of it, let go of the form you think it needs to take, and you’re no longer resisting it, you build your business from the intuitive structure and organic creativity that comes with this alignment within yourself.

It is the genuine in you that your best clients, compadres, and life moments can’t get enough of. Without realizing it, you give it already in the boardroom, at dinner with a friend, caring for clients, customers and patients, on the sailboat in the Mediterranean, and tucking your kids in at night.

We learn all kinds of defenses against it until we find ourselves ready for expansion, restless or dissatisfied, we get a cosmic kick in the pants, or an event shakes us to our core. There we begin our next awakening.

In Your Soul in Business™, I guide you to liberate and connect with this innate ability within you and how to nourish it that is unique to you so that your life and business are a cohesive whole, your true expression, and passionately and deeply meaningful.

Be with an incredible group of people. Join the men and women from all professions and walks of life — finance, law, healing and vitality, real estate, parents, artists, techies, physicians — who have discovered themselves anew, the essence of what they uniquely give, the secret to what uniquely fuels it for them, and who have ignited a way forward unlike what they have known before.




“I’d tell someone who was thinking about Your Soul in Business™, be ready to learn a lot about yourself. I was searching for true meaning in my business. I knew I was creative, but I had not given myself permission to be creative. It gave me peace to reconcile what I
thought was a duality within me between being stable and reliable and being creative.
This showed me I can live in the AND instead of one or the other. This was a wonderful retreat and very rejuvenating. I didn’t think about the office at all.”

Katie McGinley,  Attorney.




“I love what I do and have had a pretty good sense of my purpose, but this was the missing piece I’ve been looking for. This took me to the source of it all. I have totally changed the way I work.”

Camilla Blossom Bishop, Business Owner, Hood River, OR




“Identifying my Elements in ‘Your Soul in Business’ has changed the way I interact in all my communities. I am a better businesswoman, partner, parent, and friend. Watching Shelley work with other people confirmed that it wasn’t just the way she worked with me. The way she handled a group was so direct, concise, and powerful with no room for b.s. She’s unapologetic and compassionate at the same time in the way she guides peopleBecause of Your Soul in Business, I have a new level of vulnerability that allows me to share myself. People get to know me, instead of me being afraid to be known. I am congruent internally and in the world.

Lisa Wright, Business Owner, Vancouver, WA

Your Soul in Business™ Retreat


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retreatIs being in business what you thought it would be?
Are you successful, but feel like there’s a missing piece?
Do you love what you do, but know there is something more?
Has a life event shaken you to your core?
Do you crave clarity for a new direction or your next adventure?

Your work is the door we will walk through, but the adventure will open you to all of your life — who you are and what you are here to do.

  • Receive, Release & Recalibrate
  • Discover what you uniquely give the world, the unique creative power your best clients, compadres, and colleagues can’t get enough of.
  • Liberate your innate abilities on the spot in 1:1 and collective experience from the ways you resist them with profound insight and energetic transformation.
  • Connect with the “why” that really moves you
  • Lead your life from the ‘soul’ of who you are
  • Catalyze a new direction, idea, and creative flow.
  • Discover how on track you’ve been all along.
  • Open synchronistic doors of opportunity and relationship
  • Invigorate your passion, clarity and focus.
  • Have a profound experience of self-discovery.

Come with me on an adventure for connecting with yourself, your true purpose and passion, and what your soul has you in business for in the first place.

As we discover your Outer Element (what you uniquely give) and Inner Element (what uniquely fuels your gift and passion), and help you free yourself from the resistance that inevitably comes up, you discover the incredible and unique essence of what you’re here for.

In a mix of teaching, lively interaction, sacred space, profound self-discovery, liberating energy alchemy, intuitive insight, and creative expression, this retreat promises to be unlike anything you have experienced before, particularly in the business world.

What Participants are Saying…


debbie-fitz“I came here because I was stuck.
A few friends of mine suggested I try Shelley’s retreat. Shelley opened me up in a way my therapy could never do. She has a special laserlike skill for finding the energy inside that is trying to get out. She gives you permission to be who you are in life and in business. Permission to let the best parts of yourself drive your life. Totally inspiring. Energy is the answer. What a gift. Thank you!”

Debbie “Fixy” Fitz, Graphic Artist, San Diego, CA


mimi-near“I use what I have gained daily.
Discovering my Outer Element, what I am really in the business of, brought to the surface and congealed what I had been feeling, but hadn’t been able to put into words. It feels clear, direct, and sure. I was intrigued by the smooth way you brought it out of us, while including all of us in each person’s experience. The entire experience was calm, focused and always uplifting. I felt heard, understood, and had fun!”

Mimi Near, Mosaic Artist Extraordinaire
& Energy Medicine Practitione

Here’s What Happens…


Day 1

  • Discover what you intrinsically give
  • Transform the entire platform you operate from by learning and applying the four key principles Your Soul in Business™ is built and live YOUR soul in business.
  • Discover Why Energy Matters, it’s role and value in your life, how it calibrates you to your optimum, and why I wouldn’t do this work without it.
  • Learn the Three Elements of Your Soul in Business™ to Know what you give, Know your belonging and give it away.
  • Discover your Outer Element! (What’s at the heart of what you give the world in every area of life so you can live, give, and prosper consciously and powerfully).

Regardless of the profession you are in, there is an experience that your best clients and customers have through working with you that is intangible, yet powerful—including when your “client” is your spouse, your pet, your friends, your co-workers or your church. It doesn’t change whether you sell widgets, coach, write, or perform surgery. This is your Outer Element and I’ll guide you with questions, intuition, conversation, and energy alchemy to its discovery.

Each person receives individual attention and coaching within a group setting, and will experience the use of energy for lasering in and dissolving inner resistance and blocks in your business.


Day 2

  • Review and refine your Outer Element
  • What’s the point of soul? Learn the 10 Elements of Soul that show you how your life and business transform from this inner compass.
  • Discover your Inner Element! Your ‘wound’ (primary pattern of struggle in this life) and your gift are woven together. Discover this hidden strength and your unique way to thrive personally and professionally (this is huge for many people because it is not what they thought it would be. It reveals your unique “why” and often the aspects of people’s business and life fall into place).
  • Relate to resistance and patterns that are blocking your success as inner allies.
  • Have the opportunity for individual coaching snippets.
  • Experience deep energetic transformation that opens your creative courage, clarity and liberates where you hold yourself back in business, relationships, and vitality.

Once you discover and live from your Inner Element, your work—and all areas of your life—will become more connected, directed, meaningful, and synchronistic. It is the area we are most in conflict with and most compelled toward, yet it remains out of our consciousness.

Your Inner Element is surprisingly not about who you serve. It is about you. It holds the key to your deepest potentials and when you focus your growth here, you will thrive your life and livelihood.



What you discover in the first two sections changes things. We’ll play creatively with Integrating your Outer and Inner Elements in a mind map that you can make as artistic or linear as you like. With colored pens, pencils, crayons and paper you’ll bring together your Elements with what you discover “makes you come alive,” as Howard Thurman would say.

  • Reflect on who your “client” really is (from customers to friends)
  • What shifts does this make in your approach to business and relationships?
  • Use your Elements to evolve forward in relationship with your business/profession
  • Discover agreements you’ve made with your business/work that you no longer need
  • Make sure you’re creating from the values that make you come alive rather than the values you think you should be living.
  • Pull out the colored pens and paper to create a Mindmap that brings it all together in a visual and kinesthetic guide for going forward.


Each person receives ample individual coaching in this high value experience including Shelley’s deep intuitive and energetic transformational style dissolving inner resistance and opening wide the doors of your next vision, direction and creation.

Here’s some results you may expect
based on past participants:

  • A new vision that changes the way you live and thrive in your business/work
  • A deep reason for being
  • Your life and work functioning more fluid and synchronistic.
  • New opportunities present themselves
  • A new primary relationship (seriously)
  • In-your-bones enoughness.
  • Crystal Clarity
  • Focus that lasts and economized effort – Working a lot less while getting more done and knowing you’re serving a purpose
  • Richer connection in your relationships
  • Starting a new business
  • Trust yourself and your intuition.
  • Discover a deeper “why” than the one you came up with in your head.
  • An increase in your creativity and playful nature
  • Renewed passion and focus.
  • Spontaneous Joy.

“I came looking for a new direction in my career.
I feel that I can move forward with confidence knowing myself and what is important to me, how to be in balance.”

Becky Salsburg, CFP 



“Your Soul in Business was not a linear workshop like I expected, which was good for me! I liked everything about it. I realize now the transition I am making into more right brain awareness. Being temporarily retired after years as a marketing executive for large companies and looking for my next work, I came with a desire for clarity and my next steps. Even after years of training in my strengths and purpose, Your Soul in Business gave me clarity about who I am and my talents — my Inner Element was HUGE. This process peeled off many layers of obstacles and shifted my perception of the hidden gifts I have to offer others. It’s fast, deep, practical, and enriching at the same time.”

 Bonnie Peterson Marketing Executive


jane“I love what I do. I didn’t think I needed Your Soul in Business™. In fact, I was sure I didn’t. And the resistance I felt told me there was something there. The way the Outer and Inner Elements work together blew me away and gave me my true “why”. I thought the outer focus of my service was enough. I thought I knew my ‘why.’ I simply needed to study harder to feel more confident in my work, which made me feel less confidence. We know intellectually that we are enough, but many have lost the way to look within and really know it. Your Soul in Business™ gave me the missing piece I was looking for.”

Jane Roberts Portland, OR

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that’s waiting for you.

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