“In your light I learn how to love
In your beauty how to make poems,
You dance inside my chest, 
where no one sees you
but sometimes I do,
and that sight becomes this art.” ~Rumi

1:1 Mentoring

Create the business that only you can in this you-focused business alchemy experience. Attorney, artist, doctor, wanderer, parent, or entrepreneur, you already know you don’t do things the way most people do. Come liberate your potentials from the identities, what you thought was unchangeable, stagnation, visions, beliefs, griefs and mistakes you no longer need. Grow your organic strategy and intuitive structure to let your ambitions soar from the integrity of your true nature.

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Customized Retreats and Workshops:

Immerse yourself in mindfulness and inspiration while Shelley reads and recites selections from her collection of Monday Wisdoms™ and the stories and events that inspired them. Learn to live in the synergy of Creativity and Resistance for liberating your purpose and living your leading edge. Discover the power and mindfulness of energy technologies for crafting your business, collaboration, and relationships.

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Your Soul in Business 1.0

There is an innate ability at the core of what you give the world–and I do mean world–that wants to permeate your life. Discover yours. In Your Soul in Business, I guide you to connect with this core ability and how to grow it that is unique to you. Join the people from all walks of life who have discovered themselves anew and ignited a way forward in business and in life unlike what they have known before.

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Your Soul in Business 2.0

Creative exploration, interactive dialogue, energy alchemy, and insightful instruction will guide you to put all you’ve gained into action in the real world. You’ll unfold what your Outer and Inner Elements from Your Soul in Business 1.0 tell you about yourself, your genius, your brand, your customer, your relationships, your potential, and where to focus for creating the life and livelihood you desire.

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Creative Alchemy

As you and your business evolve and morph, you need creative strategies that keep you on the leading of edge not only of your desires, but also what wants to be created. Creative Alchemy takes you out of your normal environs into stillness, play, beauty and nature to renew and rejuvenate, move through a tipping point in your business, and liberate what you no longer need in the synergy of entrepreneurs like yourself who value building their business as wholehearted as it is prosperous.

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