Extraordinariness isn’t something you acquire. It’s something you reveal from within yourself. You can go the way of acquisition, though it’s the long way around, and it will likely give you more to manage than to be. Or you can go the way of transformation.

When I created my tagline, Live Yourself Extraordinary, I chose the word extraordinary over many options for its roots in the idea of uniqueness. Much of our journeys, no matter our focus in any given moment, involve developing the courage and ease for something seemingly so simple…to be ourselves and what that actually means, because your self is a constellation of who you’ve learned to be and the latent potentials yet to be discovered.

Years ago, I was fired for being too creative. I’d taken a data entry job to get by. Naturally I saw all the places they could improve the program, organize the content, and create efficiency. I was driving the status quo crazy. My boss called me in to graciously and kindly to say, you don’t belong here, you’re way too creative. Go use that! An important moment of self-knowing and not compromising.

In order for our extraordinariness to keep revealing itself, it’s up to us to create an environment that ripples from the inside out with the capacity to support our move into greater realms, that makes space for serendipity, and involves as much unlearning as learning.

In order to get off the sailboat trip I was on and to my dad in the hospital, a rental car company picked me up at the dock. Sabrina, the driver, was in the middle of trying to figure out what she really wanted to do rather than give so much of her life to her current management job. She’s always wanted to teach and was thinking about becoming a college professor.

I asked a few questions of this very authentic, kind, articulate and driven woman to help draw out the gifts and abilities that had been making themselves evident to her throughout her life. She simply hadn’t seen them yet from that perspective.

Her concept of herself was from the boxes she’d learned to live within.

I suggested among other things that instead of trying to fit herself into a box that already exists, aim to know herself and these abilities. Begin to express herself through them and create, trust, strategize a way forward that matches who she is. That could include being a professor or it could include an array of possibility and teaching in different forms. “Oh my god this helps so much!”, she said. She was ready for the understanding or it wouldn’t have landed.

Your world is a holographic reflection of your own mind. The realms of extraordinary available to you are unlimited. Transmute your way of being from wherever you are on your evolutionary adventure and you will transform your experience to something greater.

No matter where you are in life there is more extraordinariness eager to reveal itself within you. Everything in your life is pointing you to it in some way.

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