Will of Freedom…

A life governed by willpower, even though the will is important, is still changing matter with matter. It is slow, linear, effort-bound and if you have any inclination to living in your potentials, you’ll feel like “something is missing.” Connection.

“Life is moving at warp speed, said a client — say many clients – “I feel like I’m spinning with all that’s happening for me.” Until they release trying to hold on to old ways of controlling, organizing, relating, interpreting, doing life and relax into being in charge of their lives, to evolve their lives, from a new and evolving consciousness.

When we’re shifting from a life based on will power and changing matter with matter to a life centered on consciousness, the field as the sole governing principal and therefore changing the field (energy) first, it can be a trip. When we’re veterans of this way of living and taking it into new realms, it’s still a trip. I make it a practice to live in awe, continually surprised at the way life moves from wave to particle, energy to materialization, dissolving one reality for another.

Another client remarked this week, “You have uprooted me in the best possible way. I feel like I’m floating, like there is no bottom underneath me, while finally feeling connected and secure. Before, I thought I was secure, but I felt strapped down, tied down, with every aspect of my life geared to making somebody else happy. Now I’m at the helm learning to choose. I think freedom is the word.”
“Consciousness comes first; it is the ground of all being. Everything else, including matter, is a possibility of consciousness. And consciousness chooses out of these possibilities all the events we experience.” 
~ Dr. Amit Goswami

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” ~Einstein

We are constantly working with malleable material — 99.999…percent space–that is governed by consciousness—our state of being, the quality of our subconscious. There is no limit to changing and evolving consciousness and what we can play with.

As we learn to evolve our lives with the movement of energy as the governing principle forming thought, feelings, patterns, and perspectives, with which we create our relationships, bodies, finances, commerce, governments, planet, and businesses, we accelerate change and feel less “in control.”

But then, control, as such, isn’t needed. It is replaced with trust and a creative responsibility for evolving life — your own and the whole — and the will takes its healthy place, directed by your connection with the field, with consciousness.

So our playground is energy. Consciousness. The quantum field. Sure it means life and change can move at warp speed when I’m working with people. It also means so much is happening for you in every direction that couldn’t possibly happen in a linear, willful approach.

We’re not even dependent on our imaginations and its limitations. The field, this loving, intelligent field that we live in and lives in us, will expand on our imaginations exponentially.

The very act of connecting, of imagining, changes the shape of your brain and antennae, helping you become what you desire, to draw toward you what you desire.

Your will, then, in this kind of transformation, responsibility, and creation, is inspired by your consciousness, in the way ordered by your connection with yourself and the greater field. Your business, your body, your relationships, your finances, the events that happen for you are no longer governed by a leadership of your will and instead by a leadership of your consciousness. A dance with consciousness, really, as an expression of the energy that you are and that you play with each day through connection with your own consciousness and the greater consciousness.

Nurture this connection and you set your will free of tension and what it was never meant to do and toward its true purpose, to function and act from connection. Your life will unfold profoundly.

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