I am excited more by what we don’t know about the quantum than what we do. The fact that we are 99.999999…% space indicates that in the .01% of what is physical, we’ve barely gotten started with what’s possible.

Crossing the bar of a major waterway in sailing or any boat traffic is a mark of accomplishment, a risk of adventure. My dad told adventurous stories of crossing the Columbia River bar into the Pacific Ocean and, if you like such stories, the movie The Finest Hours tells the story of what still stands as the greatest small boat rescue in history in 1952.

The bar is the sediment of sand and gravel at the bottom of a waterway, such as where two bodies of water meet, like a river and an ocean. Its potential treachery exists because it is constantly shifting, unpredictable, and can include the turbulence of when a very large body of water (the ocean) is meeting a smaller one (The Columbia River is the third largest river in the States). Boats can easily run aground, be tossed to and fro, and destroyed.

By checking tide tables and timing, no matter what time of day or night, you can literally glide over the bar in the waters of high tide. If not, well, that’s why the Coast Guard exists. There are many stories of boats being destroyed and rescued on bars.

It’s a new decade. And our next mediocre is before as well as our next magnificence. Our mediocre is like the bar. The sediment of former conditioning, contracts completed, the subtlest of stories we’ve told ourselves, the residues of the past that linger, intuitions ignored. It can cause havoc to ignore it or hang out there.

Our magnificence is like the water that carries us over the bar if we take care to listen to the tides and timings of our intuitions, our experiences, messages, new readings, nature, epiphanies, our bodies, and often non sensical steps that feel absolutely aligned. One of the reasons I love the movie I mentioned above is that the main character followed those non sensical inclinations that felt aligned, against all the rules, and trusted himself.

The waves that carry us will have adventure enough in themselves. Magic happens when we follow our callings, those inklings loud and soft inspired from within us, like a maverick heart.

Take a moment here to write down the softest and the loudest inklings that have been coming to you for who you choose to become, what 2020 holds for you. It’s a brilliant year full of amazing momentum. Trust your movement into even the simplest of those inklings to show you what to leave behind and be the waves that carry you into surprising, courageous, and wonder filled adventures.


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