Upgrading Bliss

Upgrading Bliss…

How do you define bliss? What does it feel like to you? How will you know it when it arrives or “allow” it when it is trying to upgrade or come alive in you?

 Write it on paper. Or write it in your mind, at least. Then ask yourself at least five more times because the deeper, truer responses come after we’ve written or expressed the things we’re used to thinking and feeling on the surface.

 Bliss isn’t surface. It’s depth.Contrary to its reputation as a new agey escapism, flowers and unicorns (as a client of mine likes to say), a nirvana of sorts, or a spacey happiness without roots or ground, bliss is an aspect of becoming conscious. Awake. A connection with and a consciousness through which to view and create life as well as surrender to it. Sure, you’ll have times of greater ecstasy, while bliss can become a sustained ground of being. And its vibration is powerful. 

 Maybe something like holding the wheel of a sail boat in strong winds at a 30 degree heel, we develop our ability sustain it, trust ourselves with the responsibility of it (creativity), upgrade it, and prepare for more. Our systems—body, mind and spirit—grow in their abilities to experience it, a form of mastery.

 Why is bliss valuable? Besides the feeling—the joy it brings to you and everyone around you—imagine bliss as your framework for what you create with your life. The choices you would make, the people you would meet/have in your life, the way your body and health feel, how you would relate with money and what you’d do with it, the creativity it would awaken, how you would love the people in your life, the gratitude and peace you’d feel. It isn’t rocket science what our world becomes from here. 

 I experience bliss like a divine buzz. Bliss and passion function like a harmonic within me, along with other feelings, that I attend to with diligence for moving my life forward. Bliss is like an electricity in my core and throughout my entire being, a heightened sense of feeling that attunes and heightens my intuition, my clarity, my confidence, my creativity, my strength, my courage, my love, my discernment, my vitality, my gratitude, my connection with everything, and so on. 

 I know when bliss is not there. It’s painful. I’ve devoted a lot of my personal growth and evolution to nurturing it, or restoring it, like the proverbial ‘pearl of great price’ spoken of in sacred texts.

 Why? I see bliss as an essential, not a luxury. An artesian well of creation. Settling for the fixing of a problem, neutrality, is not the same as bliss. As chaos happens on the individual and global levels, dismantling old structures making room for new ones, the vibration of bliss and its variations is a counter balance, a propulsion moving us toward a better world, a new consciousness. 

 Bliss is a very powerful vibration that log-rhythmically counters an enormous amount of negative energy or lower vibrations, like a tipping point (thank you Malcolm Gladwell for popularizing this term). In other words, it takes a rather small percentage of people (about 10%) in bliss, or coherence, to make a huge difference in how our world works and evolves and what we can spiral toward in a new direction. 

 As psychologist David Hawkins wrote in the 90s in his book Power vs. Force, one Mother Theresa counters the negative energies of thousands if not millions of people in fear, dishonesty, destruction, shame, resentment, narcissism, negativity to keep our world flowing toward something better. Progression is happening faster and faster. Today we live in a world of many everyday mystics, not just a few masters; where information is available to the masses who choose to seek it.

 As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “We do not live in a time to die for the truth. It’s time to live for the truth.” As we calibrate to bliss in our growth and evolution, by staying connected, invested, we respond to greater levels of bliss that seek to move through us, like the “new model” Bucky Fuller refers to in one of my favorite quotes that I keep on my wall…

 “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”~R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller

 Your evolving consciousness is that new model. Your contribution becomes not so much about the doingness of service, per se, and more about the power of falling in love with life itself and the vortex you become in that energy. What you do, becomes inspired from deeper and deeper places from within you.

 Over time, we can grow used to the vibrations of bliss and we “upgrade,” or are upgraded. So we make plans to move, retire, start a business, change careers, meet someone to share life with, make more money, have a baby. Sometimes that upgrade comes “out of the blue” as an unexpected divorce, change at work and so on. Riding these waves of change is part of keeping our eye on bliss because what we’re aiming for shapes our experience along the way.

 Aim for bliss. Trust the upgrades.

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