The Verb

The Verb…

Have you ever stood on one of those small platforms with a rounded bottom, about 12-18 inches across, and played with maintaining balance? Maintaining flow can be like this, learning to respond to life with a slight shift that maintains balance yet from a different position. 

 Most desire something in their lives like affluence, love, purpose, vision, bliss, flow. Each of these states will shift within and around us. It’s up to us to shift our balance in how we relate to our concepts of these states of being so that we can step into new realms of what we’re creating with greater extraordinariness. 

 The nature of Life is movement, growth, and transmutation, even in stillness. This is where we will find and nurture our deepest fulfillment. Our greatest flow is to participate with it, intentionally.

 Like the current of a river, we are constantly receiving new information, energetic data, life’s response to us, for navigating the next moment, and the next. Carolyn Myss talked about this as symbolic site in her book in the 90s, Anatomy of the Spirit, a foundational text for engaging life in this way.

 The more savvy we become with life’s response to us, the better we navigate Flow in each aspect of our lives, like the balance platform. What’s consistent, though, is that flow is a state of trust as well as engagement. Trust in ourselves, trust in a friendly universe that we live in and as, trust in infinite possibilities rather than static options. And engaging the subtle shifts as life is responding back to who we are being.

 This is flow, a relationship, an intimate, adventurous, engagement with life.– the life that flows through you and the life we are swimming in that flows all around you. Then choose what kind of relationship you would like to have with it. A child-parent relationship may see the relationship with life as getting caught at something, expecting a disciplinarian kind of response from life, feeling like the power still lies outside of you. An adult-adult relationship may respond with collaboration, reciprocity, empowerment, and as a game. The sage – sage relationship may see it as pure possibility, increasingly playful, love that responds to us to cheer us on, acknowledging the places where we are growing. It is deeply empowering without a need for power. 

 Your business–real estate, coaching, CEO, physician, sales, finance–is a vehicle for your expression. The noun. You are the verb. Your engagement with flow catalyzes your expression as the verb, the evolution, the gift. 

 Why is it important to remember this? Remembering that you are the verb reminds you that every aspect of your life is a vehicle, instead of the aim itself. You are the one who animates the vehicle, giving your gifts, being your gifts, living the purpose that is everyone’s purpose… to create, to be extraordinary, to transform, to expand light, to move life, to move with life as only you can. 

 Your business, your relationship, your everything, will follow the life that you become.

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