The Mirror

The Mirror…

Mirror neurons are finding their due in greater awareness these days. First discovered by science Norahin the 90s, mirror neurons are what mother and baby are doing to bond, for example. When the baby sees/feels love coming back through the eyes of the mother, the father, other loved ones, they develop a view of themselves. I experienced this recently when my niece, Norah, was born, pictured here 5 hours after birth. (Her eyes were open most of the time!)

Ancient peoples have used the principle of mirror neurons to break through limits. Imagine a great teacher and student. The student mirrors the teacher. A child mirrors a parent. And it happens in the other direction as well.

Mirror neurons are happening every day. When we see a kind act, our brains register the experience as serotonin. When we read about or see people accomplishing great things, living from the heart, being in integrity, opening the door, we develop neurons according to the “mirror” we are looking into.

If others were emulating you, who would they become? Your coherence is detected by the nervous system of your clients, your customers, your patients, your kids, your lover and your own body.

In this way you are leading and making a world every day. Where is it going? For sure there are people who are walking away from their own light. Let go. Not in abandonment. In the belief in their own soul’s strength and a higher order that everything is okay. Your light radiant, in integrity, is a stronger lead than trying to change anyone else.

Have you seen the youtube videos that show iron filings forming beautiful patterns while Beethoven is being played, for example, or clocks in a room that eventually synchronize? Likewise, we entrainto the beauty and frequencies around us and entrain others with the coherence and frequency we hold and live at. Not control. Not ego. Presence–as Love. Coherence. Peace. Unlimited. Greatness. Bliss. Patience.

Imagine your team at work, your kids, your love, your students, your clients and patients, your puppy, your house. What energy do you bring to the table for entrainment? Are you tied up in your head? Or are you present, celebrating life, seeing the greatness in others, speaking in possibility?

Your evolution, connection with yourself as a growing light celebrating life, puts that into the field around you as the mirror you are and become. Surround yourself with such frequencies as well so that you get to look into the mirrors of great-er-ness, of celebration, of who you are and your future self, of those who match you …and raise you. And be

Imagine a world like that.

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