The Dare

Knees bent! You want to skate instead of walk. Use your poles like this. Snow plow here. Keep your skis in the track. Oh yeah and relax your body!

I was learning to Nordic ski this weekend. You know what it’s like learning a new skill with so many things you’re trying to keep track of at the same time. It reminds me a little of the game Twister…right leg on yellow, left hand on green…and you want my right arm where?

The skills above are like that. Sometimes we’re humming along with all of them in play, in the zone. Then you realize you’ve put another guard on our heart. Guards may keep ‘stuff’ out. They also don’t let love in.

Or you may feel you have clear boundaries, but you’ve simply transferred the tension to your body. You’ve chosen a guard instead of a boundary. Boundaries are life giving, they increase flow even if it means directing your attention elsewhere.

You may feel like you have your heart open, yet an open heart still feels vulnerable to you or unmanly. So, you hold your breath, your fear, your masculinity or femininity, that doesn’t allow love to flow lifeward.

Like skiing, put your attention on one piece at a time. Do just what you can do with your body relaxed. Once you and your body trust each other with that, add another element. Relax. Add another. Tweak a boundary. Explore more love. Practice the feeling of an open heart that is so filled with love for life it radiates. Allow these elements to flow through you, feminine and masculine, male and female. And watch life respond to you. Feel your own joy change. Let life love you back.

I dare you.

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