Teetering on the Ledge…

We’re all teetering on the ledge of another frontier of greatness, contemplating our leap into the heights and depths and breadth of what life becomes now, and now, and now.

On the way to these yet unknown places, we may revisit old spaces, with a fleeting thought or a dip of experience—debt, self-doubt or blame, relationship, health, fear, aloneness, apathy, muddledness—to see if we will tell ourselves the same story, make sure from the depths of soul that we are complete, clear what remains, and are in no need of another round. Then move into more of ourselves, our life-creating abilities, and gifts to the world.

The more conscious we become, the bigger the challenges and the bigger the reward. Say yes to more life, to more you.

Self-love is the foundation of our ever-evolving greatness. It is the wellspring that connects us with our future self.

Feel her enthusiasm and fulfillment.

Feel his wisdom and presence.

And draw yourself home to your future with this self-love cultivated from your heart center…until gratitude is all that shakes out from your past, present and future.

Where can you move toward more love to support the intentions you have in play right now? Love that draws you home from your future.

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