Symbols, Synchronicities & Synergy…
My realtor and I met at the first house we were to see that day. She couldn’t open the lock box because her license was in the neighboring state, Oregon, and I live in Washington. We came together through referral and her conscious perspective appealed to me. She made the arrangements to collaborate with another realtor in my state, Washington, to make sure our bases were covered for wherever I found my house.

But I hadn’t felt her investment in me. Something felt flat from the beginning, even as good and kind as she was. So I’d been moving my own energy in relationship to my house, to draw it to me.

Now here we are in the driveway of the first house unable to get in. Got the message. “You can’t get any clearer than that!”, exclaimed a friend of mine. True. But if I’d looked only at the third dimensional details, that she should have known, or it’s a simple mistake, or the technology should be better, or ‘who am I going to work with now?’, or whatever, I might have put a lot of effort into a dead end street or being frustrated.

The clarity excited me that this person was not my person anymore, however successful and lovely she is elsewhere. She kindly sent me on my way, suggesting I work with the realtor in Washington who had collaborated with us.

I met with the collaborating realtor and the sparks flew. In no time we were talking synchronicities and symbols, possibilities, her understanding of my intention, her intuitive abilities that she’d grown up with, how she puts houses together with people, and we were synched up saying, “I got ya sista’.”

She went on to describe the strategy of how we would work when houses were moving fast. We had synergy. Energizing each other. Inspiration. She described strategy. We had a plan. I went to sleep that night feeling excited to be working with her. Grateful for the turn of events. I felt her proactive investment. Her edge. Her kindness. Her enthusiasm and support.

Though simple, I’m sharing this story to convey a couple of things. First, life is really lived on the subtle level, between the lines, by feel, following the energetic bread crumbs or symbols. We cast our intentions in the waters of infinite possibility, then move the energy within ourselves to synch up with it.

Sometimes we move from synchronicity from synchronicity. Sometimes life gives us, or we draw to ourselves, some pretty heavy breadcrumbs to wake us up, where we’re out of synch, to clean up the connection. Conflict. Narcissists. Failures. Loneliness. Grief. Court cases. Disease. Money fears. Apathy. PTSD. Overwork and Exhaustion. These are all examples from my clients’ lives.

These crumbs are meant to wake you up to more of your brilliance. To check where you may have settled for something less than synergistic. To shift your awareness, your energy, your habits and patterns to dissolve them in an energetic instant for even greater thriving to occur and watch how life responds, how your life responds.

We can learn to move from bliss to bliss. To swim in synchronicity.

What often happens is we spend a lot of time like electrons floating in a particular orbit trying to change the details or maintain control within that orbit, when it’s the orbit itself that we must dissolve to find ourselves in the liminal space of infinite possibility–a shift in consciousness we can’t fully comprehend through the lens of where we are, accept to trust.

Then we realize the erroneous fears of who or what we may leave behind if we really change, what may happen in our success, believing the emotional walls we erect are actually useful instead of confining, that kind of happiness isn’t sustainable, that money won’t be there to support us at that level, that it always happens this way, that we’ll look weird or be judged, or you fill in the blank.

Of course you’ll be judged, the brighter you shine. AND you’ll meet with a much higher support, concept of happiness, and connection with yourself, others, and with life.

If you’re hanging out on the surface thinking the way things are is the truth, you may find yourself backing away from the very door (that looks like something gone wrong), that is practically begging you to walk through and say yes to more of yourself. 

Remember, the fish is the last one to see the water that it is swimming in. Use these opportunities to transform at depth the energy of patterns, perspectives, and habits within you to draw new opportunities, new outcomes, new relationships, new business clarity, new employees, new peace, new prosperity, new joy, new synchronicities.

The energy of anything comes first. The physical reality follows.

Second, though simple it’s a powerful reminder of how important it is to be vigilant with our energies, especially in these extraordinary times in which we are living.When you are synched with the people that truly align with you, you’ll feel energized, lifted, more creative. Synergy. And the distinctions will likely become more subtle the more advanced you become in your awareness, like my realtor friend.

We are often moving not from bad to good, but from good to great. And greater to greatest. And Greatest to Greatester. Pay attention and take action.

Your movement toward your joy is an unending–though often very daring and adventurous–reward. Learn your own language of symbols and how life speaks to you. There is an ancient language you already know as well as symbols that will be very personal and unique to you. Learn to feel the subtleties and trust yourself to respond. Work with the energy of anything first.

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