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Monday Wisdoms™ Deck

#Monday Wisdom Cards-014
33 original quips written to feed the heart & soul of your potential. Draw one to inspire yourself each day. Leave cards randomly to inspire others. Tuck them into freezers, pockets, gardens, laptops, toolboxes, underwear drawers, linen closets, pillows and cars. I’ve been writing Monday Wisdoms™ since 2008. We’ve selected a few of my collection More Info »
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by Shelley Hawkins

Changing The Vibration Of Food eBook

Due for release soon, Changing the Vibration of Food is a merging of my longtime interest and study of nutrition with my love of the intersection of science and spirit, energy, and the quantum model of reality. What are the potentials for changing how our food feeds us from the beginning to the end of More Info »
Price: $24.95
by Bev Asllanaj

Hot Mama In High Heels - Daily Tips To Rock Your World As A Woman

    Destiny's Edge: The Life that wants you as much as you want it. By Shelley Hawkins, MS Featured as Co-Author In the Book: Hot Mama in High Heels: Daily Tips to Rock Your World As A Woman Are you ready to step into your own power and gain access to joy, peace, success, and More Info »
Price: $18.95
by Shelley Hawkins

The Writer’s Journey: From Inspiration to Publication by Julia McCutchen

The Writers Journey
The Writers Journey by Julia MuCutchen
 Presenting the inside information on what publishers and agents are looking for, this practical book demystifies the world of publishing and outlines the steps you need to take to present your work professionally and with confidence. Highly recommended.
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by Shelley Hawkins

doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are the natural aromatic and concentrated compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, root, flowers and other parts of the plant. They are plant medicine that can be used for everything from boosting your immune system to simply relaxing and falling asleep. Introduction to Essential Oils  Shop for your Essential Oils or Blends More Info »
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by Shelley Hawkins

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