Feeding your entrepreneurial spirit…

 How do you stoke your consciousness? What you do give it to work with for creating, for nurturing your relationships, solving problems, fulfilling your goals and intentions, and replenishing your enthusiasm?

Being entrepreneurial isn’t just about business. It’s an intentionally creative nature that finds many expressions in adventures of all sorts. Whether your goals are how you’re going to enjoy your winter this year in Baja in your retirement, where you go next in your real estate business, bringing love into your life, writing your book, building your house, or flourishing you’re your coaching practice.

How do you feed your entrepreneurial spirit?

Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Workweek, talks in a recent blog about his morning practice. For him it includes writing in his journal each morning to include gratitude, asking what would make this day great, and affirmations, such as “I am (fill in the blank)”.

For someone else it may be strolling their back yard with a cigar in hand, deep meditation, a road trip, back country skiing, hiking or anytime in nature, morning pages, or journaling. Getting intentionally off the grid for moments and days on a regular/daily basis feeds our authentic nature. When you find yourself procrastinating, in writers block, monkey mind, in a haze about what to do next, or in a flurry of breathless busyness, stepping away into silence stokes the embers that restore flow.

Wayne Dyer often quoted Blaise Pascal, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Silence is like a secret panacea for creativity, rejuvenation, wisdom, joy, energy, gratitude, and dropping out of our heads into our ability to feel.

Here, women and men who have expressed their greatness to us as our parents, poets, teachers, entrepreneurs, athletes, friends, and mentors have learned the art of quieting the mind, of sorting wisely what deserves attention, and choosing what to create with their lives.

How do you enjoy silence? What is your morning practice?

My own morning practice begins when my eyes open and the first thing I say as I roll out of bed is, “thank you for this day.” Even before my creative meditation, I sit in silence with my tea synthesizing the nights dreams, my days dreams, all that I have in motion in my life, feeling connected to it, and receiving insights. In the silence I can hear the clock tick, the birds sing, the neighbor’s dog bark, and the fullness of nothingness, and it is exquisite.

This silence is essential to me, and you’ll find, to many who’s lives we consider admirable.

A reminder of these basics helps beginners and veterans of consciousness to stoke the embers of their latent greatnesses eager to be expressed. Effectiveness in our third dimensional material world comes from here, the invisible, the self-discovery, self-connection and intentional creation of these silent moments and practices spontaneously and purposely in the moments throughout the day.

Revel in the silences for your own greatness to find greater expression and to be a catalyst for the greatness of others.

~Shelley Hawkins

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