Maslow’s hierarchy of needs tells us that safety, next to our physical needs for food and shelter, is our foundation. And that safety, feeds a sense of security. Emotional, mental, physical, spiritual safety. We move up the graph from there toward love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization — becoming the best we can be.

Safety and security are basic needs regardless of how much you have in the bank. High functioning, high vibe, highly successful people feel similar insecurities to those seeking the safety and security of their basic needs. In fact, if you could dig a little, that sense of unsafety and desire for security is often what drives their success.

Shifting the source of what drives us, what inspires us, is cosmic, grounding, and freeing.

Ironically, security and stagnation have a close relationship. Security seems to convey a fixed state of being. But as soon as we feel stagnate, a sense of insecurity creeps in. Something feels off. We may feel scramble. Or, for example, we might begin subtly hoarding our resources, anxious about the cost of things we wouldn’t have thought about when we felt secure. Or the opposite, spending like crazy to surround ourselves with things to feel secure. Or somewhere in between.

This is poignant, because in security we feel Flow, inspiration, a high vibration moving through our body. In insecurity we feel stagnate. In security, we feel elevation, bliss, movement, trust, and Flow knowing life is underneath us. While in insecurity, it doesn’t matter how solid the foundation underneath, the amount in investments, the relationships, it stagnates.

This existential security, internally sourced, then moves us to evolve, to grow into new spaces that bring the very accumulation we desire without the confinement and stagnation that create a vicious cycle. Accumulation by nature is the ability to allow ourselves to be loved without having to send it right back out. To welcome it, soak it in, grow it, without hoarding it. It draws toward us, what we sought externally as fulfillment or those things become unnecessary.

Security moves us toward a greater experience of ourselves. So, if we are trying to attach our sense of security to something external, an income, a person, a group, things, status, investment accounts, marital status, we will continually seek for something more. If our sense of security is grounded internally with the evolutionary pull to expand, evolve, and become, then we learn to move with it and create from it.

Security pulls us deeply inward toward discovery, an intuited life, then into radiance. It is an inherent sense of enoughness, connectedness with ourselves and life itself, that then inherently moves us to create more and experience the by-products—more joy, money, love, purpose like Maslow’s hierarchy.

Here’s to more of You in the world.

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