Say Yes

Say yes…

If you’ve ever proposed or been proposed to, embarked on your own as an entrepreneur, said yes to an amazing job, a book deal, a trip of a lifetime, a move to a new house or country, you know the moment you say yes is charged with so much energy, scary-peaceful-excitement, knowing, and the sparks of even more dreams.

You know your whole world is about to change and you can’t wait.

One of my favorite stories is of a client who toward the end of our call said, “so…there’s this woman…” Long story short, he met the love of his life while we were working together. In the last fifteen minutes of our call after transforming areas of his business life, he asked if I thought we could address this? Yes. Anything.

He started to tell me all the reasons he didn’t think he wanted or needed to get married, even though she wanted to. It’s just a piece of paper, the commitment is in the heart, yada yada. I stopped him, asked a question or two and we liberated the energy to its core behind his resistance and fears. Once that was gone, he could know his heart’s true desire and make choices from freedom instead of resistance.

Three days later I received a call that they were engaged. A month later they eloped. The piece of the puzzle we moved? Consciously he never felt happier. Subconsciously he didn’t believe he could be that happy and carried the wounds that demonstrated it through his life. It scared him. Once that was energetically non-existent, the floodgates opened and he knew what he wanted in pure freedom, without doubt.  (Yes, Jill and Michael this is you!)

You’ll read a story below of Deanna who similarly, and unexpectedly, found her relationship with her love transforming as we transformed from within all areas of her business and life. She said yes. Getting married is now part of the flow and her great joy.

Bonnie, who came to Your Soul in Business, gained clarity on her purpose, freeing herself from a long-held pain, and a few weeks later she met the love of her life. Over time she created an entirely new direction in her work.

Tracy came to move out of the poverty state of mind and debt in business she felt after the market crashed. Though she was making plenty of money, she couldn’t feel it. As her business flourished, she created new balance, making time for the things she loved, paid off the debt. Later, love found her.

Business and love go together in beautiful ways, a profound metaphor for “saying yes” to what life proposes; finding love on the way to flourishing our work and business. And falling in love with our business on the way to love.

Being in business is often compared to marriage and we indeed bring the same dysfunctions and ecstasies to our businesses as to our relationships.

As we liberate ourselves in one, profound changes happen in the other. As we feel more purposeful, meaningful, prosperous, joyful, and trusting, making space for what we truly value, we become more available to love. As we lean into our true and unrestrained desires for relationship, free ourselves from the pain of past relationships, fears of being let down by happiness and commitment, rigid ideas of what love is, and other such patterns, our business flourishes, too.

~Shelley Hawkins

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