When Something Sacred Burns…

When something sacred burns, like the Cathedral of Notre Dame, our hearts may ache for what feels lost — the sacred geometry, the craftsmanship of the ages, their touch and eye, the beauty, the majesty. The remainder of the structure looks like an elegantly framed pile of rubble.

Though designers and engineers are talking already of how to rebuild, even if it is built exactly as it was, there is something of what it was, parts of its past, that will not be again, positive or negative. Even if they channel the original builders and designers, it will be different. And rightly so.

When something beautiful in your life ‘burns’— an out-of-the-blue conflict changes a relationship, the health you’ve nurtured just received a diagnosis of dis-ease, the business you’ve loved is taking you new places, your bank account looks like it’s stuck or in a downward spiral, your flow state is punctuated with an accident or an unexpected old flame, you suddenly see the motivation you’ve lived from until now is controlled anxiety or seeking approval and it will no longer substitute for real passion… There are a bazillion shapes this burning could take, small and massive.

Bow to the rubble. Let it ache in your heart and move through. You created it. And you’re designing the new structure, too.

Soul doesn’t hang out in time. It hangs out in timelessness, infinity. What burns is new again in the same moment, though in our third dimension we still walk through the space, and the emotional liberation and physical rebuilding. It’s all one in collaboration. What burns is working its sacred geometry in your personal life, to move you into new dimensions.

Who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming, are one. As soon as you arrive, soul is on the next adventure and your past can’t come with you, unless you want to repeat yourself, which every one of us has. The issues are in your tissues, as they say. Your biology your biography.

Or your past can become wisdom to be meaningful to your future. Much of the time, the lessons we think we were supposed to learn from our past are inaccurate. Our soul has a higher view of us than we do.

For uncertainty to become adventure you must bring all of you into present time looking at your rubble as the parts of you that in no-time are ready for a new design without the perceptions you projected on them (yourself) in the past, which could be a moment ago.

Your past, then, becomes a sacred-wisdom-maker, and the burned pile of rubble your initiation, should you choose to accept it, to your new future.

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