Risk is a multiplier because with it we lay down what we have to create more. To become more of ourselves. What we come to it with influences the outcome of the risk. So greet it with passion and enthusiasm, for sure. And equally so respect. Gratitude. Love.

What have you risked to be where you are? Have you risked everything for love, for your life’s work, for freedom, for solitude, for a rich and authentic relationship with money, for adventure, to win, to say goodbye to a loved one, to heal a dis-ease, to bring a child into this world, to dissolve old selves into a new life again and again? 

With risk we multiply what we bring into our lives, because by nature, risk takes us beyond ourselves. So engage it with love and respect for its power to multiply according to your focus and awareness. With risk we dive into literal and metaphorical waters and fires, fears and blisses, knowings and most notably the unknown where infinities of possibilities exist. So bring your best to it.

Risk is passion and fearlessness, yes. But risk is more than edges, ledges and scary excitement. Risk is alignment. It is softness, too, whisping in with gentleness, kindness, silence, and surprise, expanding us with warmth and peace, teaching us to receive. Recognize its nuances.

Celebrate the challenges and victories of this year that your risks have brought you through. And risk more. More of those things you can’t not do, more shedding of things material and non-material to stand in the meaningful. Risk what you thought you were, to become more of yourself. Be fools for love in the best sense and really, all that we love—life, our life’s work, our dreams, relationships, prosperity, freedom, ourselves–deserve nothing less.

~Shelley Hawkins

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