Rise Again

I have in my mind’s eye at the moment a vision of a girl playing pretend and adventure with her friends. The adult bomber goggles discovered and borrowed from the dusty corners of her grandparent’s closet practically fill her face as she blinks behind the glass of the lenses so full of mud dripping down and over her lips, she can see only through the tops of the lenses.

 Rising again is like that. Sure, we can feel laid low in life or worse, simply grow apathetic or live in denial. Rising again means we felt it. And riding those waves as they crash over us and underneath us, and around us, brings us home to the passion, peacefulness, and innocence inherent within us — like the girl in the vision — accompanied  with a boatload of wisdom when we’re invested in ourselves.

 I hear from many of you in the midst of your success, love, outdoor adventures, fulfillment and prosperity, you feel the business frustrations, relationship conflicts, indecision, overwork, financial doubt, self-blame, health challenges, loneliness, and stuck places you encounter in your next creations.

 Your past and present challenges are an invitation to mastery; To dissolve your self-criticism, doubt, and self-definitions that have accompanied you up till now, but cannot carry you across this next ocean to greater joy and adventure. They are a mirror of evidence of your brilliance and strength, your ability to overcome — should you choose to accept — from small places, narcissistic places, gray places, abused places, poor places, silent places. So you can shape your character.

 Make a list of what you learned from a difficult experience and I’m sure your list will be long, especially including the nuances of character that are yours to claim. Look at that list and decide those lessons are completed. You did it. And behave accordingly from here.

 You can always learn again, repeat the experiences in a new way, a new circumstance, and learn even greater take aways. Or not. And move on to new oceans. No matter what, rise. So you, too, can blink again through muddy goggles while making up new adventure

~Shelley Hawkins

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