It’s ironic that the return of the light, winter solstice, signals the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. It seems like the return to light would equate with summer.  Instead, everything is dormant, latent potential reaching into relative darkness gathering energy for more expression.

What latent light have you yet to discover within yourself that will touch many, or one, and most of all yourself?
What latent light have you laid aside within yourself for some past survival, or the illusion of control, that is waiting, anticipating becoming a new company, a hike through the Andes, a deeper relationship, a book, a baby, a mosaic, a marathon, a new body, confidence, kindness, a masterpiece?

I’m not an astronomer, but I have to imagine that that though the earth’s orbit remains the same, it never travels exactly the same line twice. Neither do we. Nor does anything in nature.

We are continually returning to the vastness within ourselves to gather yet more to bring forward into expression. Not out of anything lacking. Simply to expand, to be, to give.

The ritual of asking ourselves at this time of year what we are taking with us and what we are leaving behind causes us to return to ourselves. To look inside and discern what matters for this trip around the sun. This ritual is a powerful one and fire is a perfect accompaniment to signify the renewal with ashes and light.

I stood by a massive bonfire with friends this solstice. We tossed in our lists of “no longers” and our intentions for the new year. Most of all, we enjoyed each other’s company, were mesmerized by the flames, the sparks, and the power, heat, and force of the fire.

Don’t doubt that this power is also within you listening for your next commands. May what you choose in this coming year spark what lies latent within you.

With great love and gratefulness,


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