Born to Regenerate, for the love of it…

There lives in us a drive to create that each of us are connected with in our unique way. To LIVE is to attend to this life force. It feeds our missions, our bodies, our relationships, our commerce, our contentment, our earth, our spirits and minds, and so on.

 There is no end to creating. After you create this day there is another. After you reach your current investment goal, there is another. Once you feel the joy and bliss you desire, there’s more. After you experience your current intentions, what will you create after that? I’m not talking about a 5, twenty year, or lifetime plan, per se. I’m talking about what lies at the center of your heart and creative juices.

 Like bodies, we are constantly sloughing off the cells of what is complete and generating new. (Funny, as I write this, two birds landed in a puddle I in front of me to take a bath!) The more invested we are in our regeneration, the more conscious we can become about it.

 What is your creating connected to? Are you creating for beauty? A mission? Gratitude? Prosperity? Connection? 

 A powerful question to ask yourself is, after I have the things in my life that I currently desire—peace, confidence, the dollar amount in investments or income, health, joy, bliss, relationship, been to all the places you want to travel, philanthropy, connection—who will you be? And what will you create after that?

 It helps us look at, and align with, the greater purpose of our lives—the love of it—and that there isn’t an end to creating, a reminder that we are unlimited among so many messages that say we are built for decline and destruction. Wouldn’t you love to know you can create without destruction, struggle and conflict?

 We live in a universe that is impartial to what we create, that is a field of love, AND that is constantly regenerating. We can destroy ourselves, regenerate ourselves, hang out in limbo, lockdown, or apathy and the answer is simply…yes.

 That means we can give it new information, new consciousness, new energy, by the transformation of ourselves and what is generated—physically and non-physically— making a new and better world inside and out. 

 The body, as well as all things in nature are built to regenerateremember this the next time you are at an endpoint that looks like you have “no choice” or limited options. We are constantly sloughing off old cells of life experience and information and generating new ones.

 As we grow in consciousness, shifting our internal environment energetically, we are giving the new cells a new environment and new information for creating the elements of our lives, instead of creating the same existence. 

 In that, by energetically changing the patterns we’ve been living by, no matter how good or chaotic, our lives can take sudden and dramatic upgrades because we are no longer congruent/aligned with status quo and we have taken flight into new possibilities.

 “The quantum is simultaneously the source and the result of the interaction between the human mind and the seemingly external world. The quantum is not to be found solely in the external world…or the human mind…the quantum exists in the interface between mind and world…isn’t simply made up of events; it in itself is an ongoing event expressing the intrinsic union between the human mind and the universe.”  ~Paul Levy, The Quantum Revelation

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