Propulsion & The Eye of the Storm…

Energy is energy. We give it meaning.

You may have noticed, there is a lot going on in the world right now, globally and individually (could that be anymore understated?!). Aware or unaware, everyone is experiencing it in some way. Health challenges, divorce, an incredible new position and prosperity, the flood gates of success, unexpected debt, blissful travels, natural disasters, intimate relationship…

The more aware you are, engaged in practices that connect with its flow, the more you can be part of, experience, move and be moved in what this energy can do in powerful and evolutionary ways, for you and the greater good. The less engaged you are, the more you can be at the effect of it.

Cusps of expansion seem to gather chaotic energies, responding to our own questions, self-doubt, stalling, status quo, like a horse pulling back from the reigns doubting the leap over the fence until the rider gives the command conveying confidence to leap.Both feel the moment of silence, bliss, like the eye of a storm, the air beneath them, lifted by their own power and the physics of air and propulsion that carry them, exhilarated.

Pausing can feel like a viable option in expansion where we tell ourselves, it’s too much. We’ve got it good and want to leave it there for a while, when really, we’re at an important point of a different kind of growth, creation, and change.

Or the pause where we tell ourselves what we’re doing isn’t “working,” we’ve failed, because it looks like things are falling apart, when really, when we look in the mirror of our circumstances, we’re blowing out the debris and steam of old perspectives and new fuel is trying to make its way through the line!

We are in an initiation, made for regeneration, and we get to choose how we engage, the meaning we give it. Being an intentional creator in this environment is an exciting and powerful place to be. We can remain where we are and stay in overwhelm, disconnect, or we can shift gears, engage, and use the energy as propulsion at whatever pace feels good.

The challenges beckon us to lean even further into our gifts, to what calls us, our sense of meaning and purpose, courage, in order to meet those who are waiting for us; into a propulsion where we are at the helm yet with a great respect for the elements of life we are collaborating with that move us forward.

Take your pauses as a way of being engaged and intentional, retreat, play, solitude, elevation, meditation, healing, introspection, connection, silence, creation—daily, moment to moment, and on regular interludes.

If you were to convert the energy blowing through and around your life right now, where would it move you? Ready to play?

Live Yourself Extraordinary,

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