Survival has so many small and clever ways of hanging out in the pockets of our minds. A woman I met recently said, “I do all the work while my clients, or someone else, gets the results.” She’s successful…to a point. She can help others create wealth, but hers has found a long held stopping point. She was angry at her efforts, the money spent, and wanted free of the pattern keeping her from reaping the full reward in her own life as a coach.

My workshop acquaintance has made the superficial shifts from working a bazillion hours thinking it would bring more money, to making space to relax more …at least on the outside.

On the inside she’s riddled with restless anxiety. She can craft ideas and programs fast and in multiples. Yet you know the saying, “wherever you go there you are?” “Doing all the work” has been her safe place, her hiding place, and a place where she can maintain the walls that avoid anyone getting too close or feeling any more energy from others than she already does.

Ironically, her empathic nature will grow stronger as she dissolves the false safety of doing all the work and the walls she crafted to hide behind. Those walls were a wise protection for the environment she was in at one point. But that was then and this is now. But as she dissolves them, she’ll fall more in love with her freedom than the mass production she’s used to protect herself.

Wealth, among other things, is receivership. Our instincts for survival are great in a crisis. But expansion is the ability to thrive. Business, or any part of life that is destined to fulfill, is a willingness to step into the vulnerability and expansion of receivership. To run more life through you, as you.

Clearing your channels of receivership of the patterns, beliefs, and sneaky ways of survival hiding out in your pockets that keep you doing all the work, for example, is humbling, heart expanding. Exhilarating. Creative. Connecting. Vulnerable. A powerful form of thriving.

~Shelley Hawkins

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