Play Ethic

You’re Play Ethic…

Like the strands of DNA, your play ethic and work ethic are meant to be woven together and form the structure of your being. What you believe consciously and subconsciously about play defines you as much or more as your work ethic. 
Your play ethic is not necessarily opposite of your work ethic, if your work ethic is healthy. Our work ethic often comes from puritanical ideas that can squeeze the spirit right out of us because we draw into our lives according to what we hold, even when we think we believe something else. If your life doesn’t show it, something is still there. We can also be void of a work ethic, without focus, confidence or commitment. 
How do you approach your work ethic? Honestly. Do you do what you love and love what you do? Does it come from your greatest gifts and talents, your genius as Gay Hendricks in his book, The Big Leap said several years ago? Or are you settling for excellence?
Do you manage your weaknesses or are you truly free, liberating and evolving yourself into greater joy?
Does your work ethic enervate you or energize you? Are you becoming more of your true nature through it, your bliss, allowing it to serve you in your potentials as much as you intend to make a difference for others?
Does your work ethic grow your relationships or strain them? Are you growing more aware of yourself and releasing the limitations you hold? Growing in joy, groundedness, and your creative, manifesting abilities? Are you growing and fulfilling your talents, abilities, and curiosities in a way that inspires you, lightens you?
Does your work ethic shine you or hide you? Does it feed your spirit or hang out in neutral? Does it love your bank accounts and fill them with gratitude or fear them? What do you include in your work ethic? What do you settle for? What are you committed to? You, I hope!
Your play ethic can be the ways you have fun, the ways you rejuvenate, what you like to learn, how you nourish yourself, your relationships, as well as everything involved in your work. 
My work is a form of play, for sure. AND I’m very conscious to make sure I have time completely separate from my business. Phones off, tasks put aside, being with who I’m with, including me. 
I travel, hike in places I love, dance, sail, run, ride my bike, read, sing, meditate, love silence and stillness, get in lakes, rivers or hotsprings….It took me a while to find a rhythm than keeps everything nourished, especially me. Learning sailing has been a lot of time and learning, challenging. Work, some would say. You’re definitely not sitting around on the boat much. And the challenge is a lot of fun, play, exhilaration and fulfillment for me. Being on the water is blissful.
What feeds and rejuvenates you? Do you take yourself to exhaustion before you play? Or can you maintain a dynamic that doesn’t require extremes for you to listen to your own needs? Do you use play to avoid stress or is it part of your flow, so you feel truly rejuvenated by it? Does your mind still run rampant or can you be truly present in play? Are you surrounded by people who match you and raise you in your play or are you dispersing your energies even further? Can you enjoy the silence and stillness?
Play comes from wholeness and it grows your wholeness. Play feeds your work. I see the relationship between work and play kind of like the relationship white man has had with the brain and the heart. The heart is actually much more powerful, sending thousands of times more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. Yet we lived for centuries thinking the brain was the control center. Thanks to science and ancient spirituality, indigenous peoples, we now know and are discovering more about the heart as the true center.
Likewise, I see play as the true center. It’s not a matter of how much time is spent in play and work, but the balance we hold within and our relationship to them both. They design our being and are malleable according to our energies of belief and intention, like our DNA.
It can take a lot of faith to play, because you’re letting go of “control”, of keeping track of everything, and trusting co-creation. An incredible thing happens when you truly play and have all the belief structure within yourself to enjoy it without guilt. Your brain and subconscious organize the other parts of your life while you’re totally focused on playing. You receive what you need for the rest of your life, your work, your writing, your relationships, when you are playing. You heal. Your body reorganizes and takes in the message that all is well. Because it is. And then you experience more of that.
Play. All those tasks and responsibilities will be there when you get back. I promise ;-). And the free-er you are in your belief structures to play and enjoy it–not as avoidance, or something else to do or fill space with, or ‘do self-care’–he more your whole being, your business, your relationships, your body, your spirit and true nature, will thrive on it. 

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