Pierced Logic

A friend of mine told a story of sailing through the night near St. Maarten. He was on watch at the helm while the crew were sleeping. He couldn’t see anything that would be a problem in the balmy night waters, yet suddenly had a strong feeling there was something ahead. On that feeling, he leapt to action and turned the boat sharply. A moment later and they would have smashed into a submerged rock wall that would have destroyed the boat. He had no way of knowing it was there. 

 Trust your intuitive awareness. Your brain will follow. My friend’s intuitive awareness gave him the direction, his training (re: logic) gave him tools for action.

 A client, we’ll call her Rosa, has had inklings of intuition for choices and changes to make in her life, but hasn’t been sure whether she could trust them. The potential outcomes and the effect on others for following her intuitive clarity have scared her. And life’s circumstances had muddied the waters of her intuitive awareness. Besides that, she was taught as most of us are in the Western world that logic is king, or queen. So, she has retreated back to the well-constructed stone walls of her logic throughout life as her safe place to keep her life under “control,” albeit numb. Outwardly successful and trustworthy, she’s been living out-of-her-body so to speak to avoid feeling and knowing, at the expense of living.

 She’s had enough. She can’t feel passion from there. She can’t feel her joy. These drive her now to transform what has gone on inside her through the years creating conflict between her intuitive awareness and her logic. She’s heading into her own uncharted territory for an adventure in relationships, her new livelihood, and passion for life.

 Our intuition doesn’t necessarily lead us into the certainty we seek. My friend had instant feedback on the feeling he had to turn the boat. Sometimes, though, intuition leads us into more uncharted waters toward a bigger picture that is better than we can imagine. We have to trust.

 To go, we’ll have to pierce our logic and all the analysis we have about what we think is at issue and let our intuition fill our sails, leading us into the choices that will transform us out of our current perspectives and lenses on life, into ever more greatness. When we do, we can drop into our bodies to clean up and trust our internal navigation to greater and greater heights of adventure.Sometimes what is passed for intuition is still a brain run amok on 3rd dimensional data, with strings of judgment or analysis, with no power to lift. Intuitive awareness is peaceful. Your body will go peaceful even if it’s springing into action. Often you will know what you’re doing only while you’re doing it, as if you can’t not take action, similar to my friend on his boat. You may feel excited with a clarity, or an adrenaline rush so you can spring into action, with knowing, but intuition itself is non-emotional. 

 Einstein referred to our intuitive awareness as a sacred gift and our rational mind as a faithful servant. Trust your intuitive awareness. Your brain will follow.

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