What next permission is waiting for you?

I’m reading a book titled, A Curve in Time, recommended by several sailors as inspiration for my sailing trips and studies this summer. It’s about the adventures of a woman and her five children on a 25’ Capri sailboat in the early part of the 20th century through the Inside Passage area of British Columbia where I will be sailing this September. She, M. Wylie Blanchet, is the writer and a brilliant one.
Her stories begin sometime after her husband went out with the boat one day and only the boat was found, and the ensuing adventures of Blanchet and her five kids into the waters and shorelines of the area. Packed tight sleeping quarters in the boat, one set of clothes and a swimsuit, every day was an exploration, an unknown. Bears, siding rocks, the occasional human from civilization, invention by necessity, fishing or picking for their food, a new inlet, simplicity, and each other.

Our adventures are similar, really. Bucolic environs can make our ability to see life with the levity of adventure much easier. But mastery, and your potentials, are fulfilled in bringing more of this into daily life until it is integrated as the way you live.

We can be deeply involved in what we do. Successful. Prosperous. Happy. Connected. In love — name your markers of fulfillment — and still, there is continually another ‘permission’ waiting for us to embrace within ourselves. To dissolve our undercurrents of anxieties, insecurities, pride, fear of being alone, egos, scarcity, disease, conflict, disconnect, habits, mediocrity… To step even more fully into our bodies, our gifts, our wisdom, our daring, our expanding connection with ourselves and with something greater, our ability give ourselves away, and inhabit our space in this universe.

A work day can be the 4,000 foot climb to the berries above on sliding rocks. A divorce can be inlets with surprise waterfalls and warm pools undiscovered. New platforms in business can be trusting the boat, your navigation skills and developing sensibilities. Expanding your inner circle can be the bear at the end of the beach who wants your salmon or the slide down the mossy rock to the deep pool below with swimsuit in hand in an exhilarating rush. You choose.

There’s an old saying that business is the graduate school of self-development. One of my clients had a profound moment this week with that realization,

“I didn’t realize business was so much self-development. It touches me so deeply. I thought of it as a numerical, structured sort of thing. Now I’m in a creative new world. It’s on the level of marrying someone or having a baby. I’ve gone from an employee to being deeply involved in helping people in their businesses and changing their lives.”

Business brings everything to the table. Everything — confidence, vitality, our relationship with money, our connection with ourselves, with others, with something greater, leadership, parenting, our ability to express ourselves fully and authentically, our place in the world, our values and worthiness, and so on. It is simply a place to begin, but you can begin anywhere. Navigating this world as your evolution is exhilarating, humbling, dark, light, heart opening, mind blowing, and deeply rewarding.

Permission, more than anything, is evolving. Your greatness won’t rush forward in the numbness of an unconscious life. Permission is saying yes to the inner coordinates before you know where they will truly lead. Trusting yourself and something greater within you and all around you with the unknown of how they will be navigated in the moment.

Blanchet seems to have both a vision and a presence. Vision for the life she wants to live and a presence to trust that she will navigate it in the moment. And she does.

Life, business, relationship and all its facets can challenge our sense of security. Permission is choosing, learning, to be connected into life itself as your source of passion, love, security, boldness, adventure, before you know the way. What is nudging you or giving you a kick in the pants, forward? To say, “I’m in,” make your plans, yet know you will inevitably be opened to something much greater than you could conceive because you said yes.

Live Yourself Extraordinary,

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