Peaceful Ego

A Soul in Charge…

The ego is holy, too, you know, woven into our experience of being human. You wouldn’t be an individual without it. The ego is much like a child within you eager for security, boundaries, direction, knowledge, to know it’s loved and valuable, that it is taken care of and everything is okay. 

 It is worthy of your respect, attention, and care with the awareness of the havoc it can wreak if you are abdicating the throne of your consciousness, your life, your heart. And like any child, it has many ways of acting out to let you know when you’re not.

 The soul, or however you refer to the ineffable quality of who you are, is like the adult. When the soul is in charge, attentive to the bigger picture, living in integrity with your joy, from the intellect of your heart, transforming wounds, attending to the needs of the entire organism—body, mind, and spirit—then your ego can be at rest. 

 Egotism in all its forms comes from our insecurities (which can be as easily disguised in our giving, visibility, and extroversion as our quietness, invisibility and so on), beliefs in inadequacy, chasing our needs, trying to prove we are worthy of an existence (we could never be unworthy of), or compete with others for resources (that could never actually run out), or feeling disconnected with life and ourselves. 

 The soul is not afraid to be rich or poor, visible or invisible, suffer or be at ease, because it will always love and be ‘okay.’ It will walk you through whatever is needed to evolve and discover an ever unfolding ability to thrive. But our physical selves can feel it all. And ego will act up and out to get its needs met if it feels like ‘you’ aren’t there.

 Why does this matter for your everyday world of business, relationships, finances and health? 

 A few weeks ago, I attended a talk on the Jungian archetypes (of which you can find more info on the web). Archetypes are like metaphorical aspects of our being that have been given names so we can learn to develop the qualities of these parts within for wholeness. 

 We talked a bit about the warrior, lover, sovereign and sage within all of us. For the sake of this example, the sovereign is the king and queen within each of us. The one in charge of the kingdom (within), provides resources, determines boundaries and directs the warrior to maintain them for peace (not necessarily creating battle), and so on.

 The Sovereign archetype is important to develop for learning to be on the throne of our own heart as the soul, where the ego can peacefully do its job, while you’re thriving, making a difference, and falling more in love with your life.

 The more we become our soul, the more passionate and confident we are to unpretentiously go our own way in everything we create. To listen to our inner voice for creating our work, our relationships, our bodies and finances. 

 The more our soul permeates our being, the more insecurities (and arrogances, same thing), defenses, perceptions, and wounds of the ego fall away. 

 Your ego wants to be taken care of, to know you’re on the throne of your own life, like the archetype of the king or queen that you are. And it has many ways of letting you know when you’re not!

 Imagine the businesses, bodies and relationships we develop from wholeness and thriving? From our deep sense of value instead to be valued?

Live Yourself Extraordinary.

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