Peace and Tolerating

While you’re cleaning out closets, and habits, ways of eating and being, and putting fire underneath those intentions to start a new year, consider this one…

Where have you settled for tolerating and called it peace? There’s a difference and sometimes it’s nothing obvious. It’s in the subtleties, especially the more masterful you become.

Peace is active. Tolerating is passive. Peace is intentional. Tolerating hangs out in something akin to avoidance, neutrality, malaise, denial, fear, judgment, irritation, anxiety, superiority, inferiority, unworthiness, gossip, powerlessness… you get the idea. And they can be very low levels. They don’ t have to be raging to be draining you.

Peace gives you energy even when you are engaged in working something out. Tolerating siphons it off. While tolerating, your breath will hang in the shallows along with your relationships, your income, or your passion and love for life. Sometimes momentarily. Sometimes for years.

Peace can spark bliss. Giddiness. Calm, roots, and a connection with yourself and your future. Tolerating stifles it.

We can actively choose to let something be, which is part of peace.

Peace dissolves your walls and brings radiance to your life. Tolerating maintains walls, even constructs them.

Tolerating builds tension in your body subtlety looking like it comes from somewhere else — the way you sat in the chair, for example. When really that pain in your back is coming home to the same perspective you left there. That is, until you change your energy at depth.

Look for what you are tolerating rather than feeling full of peace, coherence in your mind and heart. You may find it within you and around you. In the neutrality you settle for rather than going all the way to joy; a state of relationship; the way you rush; in disorder; walls you maintain or experience from another; shallowness rather than depth; disrespect toward yourself or from another; missing laughter; how you speak to yourself; nigglings of anxiety within or around you.

Tolerating can be where you hover in your passion and love for life instead of taking off the lid; your level of physical energy; the remaining guards you hold over your heart; the gifts you hold back; how hard you think you have to work; the energy you feel coming in verses the energy you feel going out; the authenticity, warmth, bliss and love you feel and surround yourself with.

Life is a trustworthy mirror. So where you are tolerating or feel peace will be reflected back to you.

~Shelley Hawkins

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