“Where do I begin? Shelley has helped me transform my life in every direction. I have dramatically improved my relationship with myself and the people I choose to love. The chaos there is gone. I have launched my own business after a successful career in legal assistance and marketing/project management. By using intention the way Shelley taught me for clarifying the clients I’d like to work with, my first client showed up while on retreat with her and before I had a website or even a business name, I had my first contract. The whole situation is a remarkable and synchronistic beginning to my company.

Before I started working with Shelley, I was carrying a lot of emotional weight and obligation from past experiences. I felt in a tug of war of chaos and obligation. I was unhappy with my job and I realize now, even though I thought life was relatively good, I was settling for living in anxiety and painful energy I’d simply gotten really good at working around or shoving aside in my head until some good friends and successful business owners told me about Shelley.

There is no comparison to the joy, internal freedom, and power I feel over creating what I desire for my life now. I am recently married and I feel in complete alignment. I keep learning the greater possibilities for my life and am having so much fun with the way Shelley taught me to play with intention. I love living my life every day. I will be eternally grateful to her for guiding me to my new life and am so excited to experience the magic I create with her in my future.”

 Clare Thibeau Portland, OR

“This has been a comprehensive experience. How valuable would it be to transform your perspective from limited to unlimited? From a life of challenges, in which past traumas have kept repeating in new ways, to ending that repetition and experiencing a life of joy and infinite possibilities? This has been my experience with Shelley.

With teaching, support, and her even, non-judgmental and profoundly unique way of working with the energy of everything, that may seem like magic, she has given me an opportunity to live my life with creativity, heart-centered love, and gratitude. I am grateful that my life is expanding with meaningful relationships.

I am excited about using my creativity to open new doors from the heart into higher dimensions for myself and for others. A few phrases from Jewish teaching: Stand your friend up in completion; Love the straight (unlimited) road; Teach in order to learn: Awe. This has been my experience with Shelley, and I know she is the one I trust to journey with from this ethereal place to my practical expression of it in the world.”

 Dr. Rafe B., Psychoanalyst

medeline_circles“I was buried in writing projects for my clients while my book lay neglected. I sought direction, clarity and confirmation for ideas I’ve had about shifting the way I work in my business. When I met Shelley, I knew right away I wanted to experience the medicine she offered… I loved her warmth, vitality and solid presence.

The change was IMMEDIATE with little dialogue.

Shelley zeroed in and named the big thing right away. I thought these two pieces of my business couldn’t coexist–that if I am the catalyst for other’s creative expression I couldn’t have that for myself. I felt fully and completely seen and heard–and so did my tired old patterns!

Remarkably, since that one call, I have completed the first draft of a book WHILE I am serving my clients. The tension I would automatically feel when I attempted this before is just gone.

I have discovered a whole new way to work. Since that session and with Shelley’s mentoring, I have discovered a whole new way to work. I’ve built more play and fun into my workweek—again, two worlds I had kept very separate are happily co-existing. She gave me beautiful guidance about inhabiting my life. And that is HUGE for me—being HERE rather than striving to get THERE.

Shelley is a loving, intuitive and amazingly focused spiritual mentor—as well as a fast and practical life-changer. I highly recommend her 1:1 immersions and trust her work all the more because she is so transparently and openly walking her own spiritual path every day… listening deeply and making beautiful things happen.”

Madeline Eno, Writing & Marketing Strategist 

“Working with Shelley altered my life in such a dramatic way. I released myself from so many stories of obligation and energetic drain where I held myself tight, contained, and protected, albeit successful.My relationship with my longtime partner and love of my life melded together, releasing the tension and my reasons for resisting marriage. I said yes and we are getting married this September.

I’ve been able to give space to my own true dreams, acknowledging gifts I’d previously denied. I’ve learned and continue to learn how to use them with courage, skill, humility, and power.

The chatter of others within has quieted and I can live from true center, hearing my own mind and spirit and knowing what is not mine to feel, be or do. My business began to thrive in ways I didn’t expect opening doors for me to use my gifts, and shifting everything from my lease agreement, to clarity about teaching, to spontaneous turnover in my staff for an environment that is aligned with who I am and thriving while I feel more relaxed, joyful, and purposeful, as well as prosperous.”

Deanna Reed. Arabella Salon. Portland, OR.

michael“Shelley has this rare and perfect blend of practical and spiritual. She takes the practical things you bring for change and they are changed from a deep place within you for very practical results.

No matter what I worked on in workshops, books, or coaching, the same frustrating struggles appeared. This was deeper and more effective than anything else I did…obviously, I’m transformed!

Before, I appeared happy and successful on the outside, inside I felt trapped behind undefinable barriers that kept me from the income and relationship with money I could be proud of, the goals for success I knew I was capable of, and relationships that fulfilled me.

Shelley has a very unique ability that gets straight to the core transforming my thick layers of resistance. Every call was a profound experience while her deep, intuitive and profound style is very practical to what I do day-to-day. I manifested my business goals with the “side effect” of connecting my head and my heart for the first time, which significantly accelerated change in my whole life.

I lived from an overriding feeling that I wasn’t enough that led to big failures in business and relationships. I resented myself for not having the courage to live authentically. As positive and successful as I was on the outside, I couldn’t face the shame I felt internally.

My relationships felt tedious and inauthentic at work. My personal relationships felt superficial and I couldn’t connect or take the risk of something more meaningful. I was trying so hard to please others to get the results, to meet my quotas, to be successful, to be loved.

Through coaching with Shelley that life no longer exists. I live in a sense of wholeness, I have reduced my travel at work to create balance and time for what I love while my sales at work have tripled. I am the highest producing sales person for my division globally and I recently received a $10K increase in my base pay.

I can now own my true nature as a highly caring person instead of hiding or protecting it behind what I think it means to be a man, or be successful. When it comes to my customers, I’m not just the guy who sets out the numbers and picks up the phone. I do my best work when I’m connected to a reason for what I’m doing and when I can care and connect with people in a deeper way.

I went from abandoning myself in many decisions to putting myself first in a healthy way and getting far better results. My friendships are closer, true, and more meaningful than I’ve ever had.

My intentions manifest so much easier. I get twice as much done, literally doubling my productivity, with half the effort. Even my running is more fun.

Then through Shelley’s insight and guidance, in just a few weeks I went from being afraid of commitment to feeling safe being this happy and embracing happiness as my true identity.

Three days after that particular call, it was like the floodgates started opening in my soul. I proposed to my best friend and lover, Jill, manifesting the wedding day of my dreams.

It goes to show how quickly things can change once the energy aligns with the Soul’s desire. A few weeks later, with clear intentions set, we manifested the ‘perfect’ person to marry us, the ‘perfect’ setting, and the ‘perfect’ sunny day on the Oregon Coast. I feel so blessed!

I have done a lot of other coaching from very task oriented, robotic forms at work to very expensive business, wealth and spiritual growth/energetic programs. But none of them could free me from the unique bondage I held myself in. And none of them connected my head and heart the way my work with Shelley has.

Coaching with her is by far the most powerful, hands on, integrative, full immersion work that I’ve ever done. It’s not been easy all the time, but it’s been very powerful and it’s been worth it many times over. In terms of personal satisfaction, joy, the money I’ve made as a result of the coaching, deeper relationships, manifesting true love, and the ease of achieving my intentions, it is easily far beyond any dollar value. This is the best value in coaching that I have ever received.”

Michael Knouse
Coach, The Startup Sessions
Portland, OR

april“In my drive to succeed, to achieve more and have “enough,” I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about my future, both professionally and personally. No matter how much I had or achieved, “enough” always felt just out of reach and I realized I was pushing happiness, love, and true wealth away.

It surprised me how fast I moved, changed and shifted. Working with energy is significantly different than traditional coaching. I saw practical results right away in working with Shelley and the impact it has had in my daily life and business.

The amount of pressure that has lifted is significant. I know I will continue to grow and shift in this area, yet I’ve learned to live in a lot more bliss. The shift in my attitude toward my success has changed everything.

My income has increased significantly this last year while I’ve been learning to let go, play more, and that I don’t have to work 24 hours a day to achieve the wealth I desire—which is saying something in real estate.

I no longer doubt my abilities, knowledge or skill set in running my business. I feel confidence. I’ve changed my relationship with money and no longer stress about it or the ability to have wealth. I know I will always have enough without having to figure out where the business and income will come from. I just have to let go and truly trust it is there for me. And it keeps coming.

I wake up with a positive attitude and my days are brighter. I remember last year at this time, the sky was grey and overcast which made it hard to feel good about anything. This year the weather is the same, but I feel a beam of light.

I discovered my ability to design my future with my thoughts, feelings and intentions. I no longer fear being alone or feel I have to control events or situations. I no longer believe I have to choose between a relationship and my work. I know that I am meant to have a deep, connected, meaningful relationship with another individual who desires the same. And from the magnitude of change I’ve created so far in this work, I know my relationship will be in my next testimonial!

Shelley really cares and listens. She always knows where I’m at. Conversations typically started out with me stressed and by the end I was calm and peaceful to move forward in my life.

Most importantly, before working with Shelley I’d stopped enjoying life. I trust myself now to lead my own life and that all is happening perfectly. This work has allowed me to Really Live.”

April Rinehart
Real Estate Agent – Boise, ID

natalie-mcguire“For the last year, I’ve felt like I was living a double life.
(Cue the creepy organ music…)

From the outside, I looked like a successful, award-winning, creative entrepreneur, organically building my business from scratch, booked 6-months out at all times, making a great living doing what I love, and rocking a loyal, raving client base that other freelancers and business owners envied and admired.

But on the inside, I felt listless, resentful, overworked, overwhelmed, bullied and burnt out.

Just “livin’ the dream” over here, right?

Even worse, I didn’t know my own purpose anymore, and frequently wondered, “What the ‘f’ is the point of all of this?!” as I worked myself into the depths of yet another 14-hour day, missing dinners with my man and cuddle-time with my pup.

Though I was setting and achieving my professional goals, it was coming at a pretty high cost. In fact, my first six figures was such a hollow victory, as no amount of money was ever going to make up for the agony I felt inside, or the sneaking suspicion that what I had created for myself was my very own self-imposed hell.
Enter Shelley, my new spirit animal.

I had no idea when I started this adventure that she’d be shaking the very core of my being and turning everything I thought I knew about myself on its head.

I had no idea of the power of working with energy.
In sheer moments, bewilderingly, Shelley helped me shed decade-long beliefs and motivations that had haunted not only my business but my life.

She unearthed my innermost demons, in the deepest areas of my soul–things I thought I had dealt with but realized that I actually hadn’t. She gave me permission and courage to release and liberate parts of myself that no longer served me, and empowered me to envision a different, better life that I now had room to create consciously—something I never thought I could ever do before.
My biggest takeaways? Besides the whole “she changed my life” thing?

Well, I now know what my version of happiness is and how I can create it every day. I mean, how many people can even say that?!
I no longer feel an insane pressure to say “yes” to everything and everybody, and I don’t need to work 14-hour days out of fear that my business or income with dry up. Because, spoiler alert, it won’t.
I’ve learned to trust my intuition in every area of my life, and no longer apologize for it, deny it, or feel weird about it.

And here’s the kicker, I’ve learned I’m ENOUGH, and no longer need to justify or defend my existence with accomplishments, or someone else’s version of success. And holy moly, that takes the pressure waaaaaay off.

My future in life and business feels so much brighter now, and whole lot more creative. In fact, I’m getting “lost” in my work again, and envisioning future plans like never before.

I’ve implemented meditation, journaling, and intention-setting into my daily life and have felt the returns ten-fold. Frankly, I’m trying so hard to not be annoying sharing these insights with friends and family as I spread the “Shelley Hawkins love”.

There really isn’t enough time in the day or words to express my true feelings for Shelley or the incredible work she’s done. I’m just so grateful to have found her when I did, and feel incredibly blessed to have her as an ally and friend.”

Natalie McGuire
Natalie McGuire Designs, LLC

randi“I can see the magic in the world now. Working with Shelley has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I can feel and experience that I wouldn’t have known before. Besides meeting my goals, I got results that I wouldn’t have thought to ask for that has brought great joy to my work, my sense of self, and my relationship with my kids.

My internal freedom has lead to new choices that have come organically. Instead of grabbing the wall and powering through my life circumstances, I feel more relaxed. I am grounding myself and see the bigger picture in the universe. I live by my intuition and feel like I really can function from choice now!”

Randi A.
Real Estate Professional
Boise, Idaho


priscilla“What I find especially impactful about your work is your talent for getting to the core of an issue, for explaining things in a way that resonates with me and for your ability to shift and move things using energy.

When you said there was another way I could move beyond what was hanging me up through moving energy rather than talking it through for weeks or months or years, I was a bit skeptical. But I showed up, ready to give it a go and… it happened. Things that were clogging my heart, my spirit and my creativity were released!

It’s not just the way you work with belief and patterns and energy. You have a talent for getting straight to the core of what is going on and a talent and style with words and explaining that makes sense and gets through.

With my sensitive nature, I need the kind of coach that speaks to my mind and my heart with an encouraging rather than a scolding or bust your butt style. You are that for me.

Our work together has given air and space for me to move forward in my business and relationship. Rather than continuing to tie my energy into working around the barriers within me, it has freed me up from those barriers and enables me to focus on letting more goodness and creativity flow through me.
I am ready for more!”

Priscilla Macy, Managing Director and Creator,
GlobalSojourns.com, GSGivingCircle.org


tracey“Wow! Look at who I am now! When I returned from Peru a year ago, I knew I wanted to do intuitive work with you. There was a ceiling I kept hitting and couldn’t move beyond. I kept telling myself, ‘Tracy, you know enough about this stuff. You’ve studied it for years!’ But, I could not get myself to break the ceiling.

I needed someone on the outside to take me inside. I make plenty of money, but wasn’t feeling it. I needed to take care of debt. I wanted to walk out of the poverty state of mind I found myself in after the market crashed and go beyond where I was before.

I knew I was using my debt to protect myself. Business comes easier. I know I am worthy and deserving of working with the people I get to work with. I know now that being authentic isn’t lazy.

We can use our business as an excuse because we don’t know what we would do with our time otherwise. I have so much more time and am honest about the quality of the time I put in to my business rather than the quantity. It is so freeing. I cherish my time and flow more intuitively, trusting myself in the way my business grows rather than following the formulas I am “supposed” to follow to gain sales.

Since working with you, Shelley, my entire life has expanded. My biggest ah-ha and surprise was how I was living today based on the effect of my marriage from years ago. Though, at some level I was empowered by my divorce I had also allowed myself to be stunted by the effects of my marriage. I feel like I have finally embraced being a grown bona fide woman and not a bad little girl who is in trouble all the time.

I embrace my everyday growth and am grateful to not to be held down by the burdens of the past.”

Tracey Sidell

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 5.10.01 PM“I’ve been in business for 13 years and was at a pivot point. I was undecided with a lot on my plate and unable to make a sound decision for the next steps in my business.

I am in the middle of my second Masters degree, in a coach training program, running my own business, raising a family with my husband, and committed to my volunteer projects. But I felt angry and helpless with what wasn’t working for me, paralyzed with fear and the criticism of others, hesitant from being belittled by previous female coaches, and feeling “too much” for the coaches I previously worked with.

The Your Soul in Business program with Shelley has synergized every area of my life, freed me of the fear that was paralyzing me, and cleared my vision for moving forward. I know where I’m going next.

Shelley passionately, persistently, and firmly helped me see myself and guided me through that path, as if to say, put on your helmet. I’m here with you. I knew I was safe and could be vulnerable like I had not been able to be with anyone. Her way of working with the energy is very powerful.

Her passionate confirmation of who I am surprised me. From the beginning, she reached out to me to say, let me help you understand where you are right now and you choose if you want to coach with me. She was like spiritual Windex®!

Going through the Your Soul in Business plus some additional areas I wanted to cover, has resurrected my creative spark and playfulness, the two key pieces I was so deeply in conflict with that were vital to my success professionally and privately. I thought I needed to remove the lenses I was looking through when I just needed to clean them and reconnect with my own dreams—Maria’s vision—instead of everyone else’s.

My staff has noticed how focused I am, that I’m on top of things instead of procrastinating and cramming at the last minute. My husband has remarked about my increased confidence and freedom. And a side benefit has been a return to my writing and my unique voice. Shelley is like the perfect teacher.

Where there was a darkness covering everything, there is now a beam of light. 5 weeks of coaching with her moved me out of winter and into spring. I have a deepened awareness of my reality and am able to play and create my reality for myself.

I am 100% more creative, 100%+ happier, and 100% more focused and more energetic. Really. I have gained so much knowledge of myself. The value of this is so important to me and gives me the strength to stand as who I am in my business and all areas of my life.

Maria A. Bennett, M.S.
Founder/Spiritual Life Coach ~ Global Ladies of Titus Network


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 5.10.16 PM“I knew I needed a coach, but as a productivity coach myself I knew I needed someone with a totally different approach. I knew how to create a plan, but I found they were just words on the page – more stuff to get done. I had accomplished so much in the past, yet I felt incomplete. I longed to connect to my creative side but shut myself down before even getting started. I was clear I wanted to create a shift at the energetic level versus the doing level – and then Shelley showed up.

I’m open and linear and logical. My intellectual mind couldn’t wrap itself around this work. But the knowing part of my mind knew for certain doing coaching work with Shelley was for me. And as we worked, I could feel something moving and shifting much deeper than I could understand with my linear mind.

Because I find it a challenge to explain exactly what or how Shelley and I did I’ll share the experiences and outcomes I had:

The work we did doesn’t feel like something I have to maintain. It’s just done and there’s no “going back”. I didn’t want just anyone to work with my energy; Shelley possesses a knowing that I couldn’t comprehend, but was easy for me to trust. I am amazed at how much changed in such a short period of time. I have done therapy, coaching and personal development workshops for years. We moved in 4 hours what would have taken me years in therapy. I feel clear, competent, and confident. I’m accessing my intuition and having fun with it. Before I would have challenged whether it was right or wrong. Now I listen, discern and act. Sometimes Shelley incorporates some tapping. I found the tapping method simple, effective and easy to do over the phone. My communication is more authentic with my feelings. Shelley recognized that that I am very sensitive to the energy of others, so rather than shut all emotions out because it was too overwhelming, I have tools to distinguish my feelings from others which is inviting creativity and connection. I am excited about my goals and aligned with the future I’m creating for myself. I have a greater bandwidth for my life. My calendar in the first quarter looked like a train wreck. Now I live in a gentle demand and my schedule is panning out the way I want it to. I had two huge goals for the end of the year and they are already done!

Jennifer Wilmoth

“At the time I met Shelley, I was moving through a very chaotic time in my life that included a painful divorce, a tremendous loss of financial assets, drug addiction among some of my children, and I was in the process of launching a new business. I was instantly attracted to the energy Shelley emitted and as soon as I learned of her unique approach to business, I knew I had to work with her. Working with Shelley was a very unique experience. She was intuitive, empathetic and knew where to go to continue deepening our progress. The insights and healing I gained during our work together was transformative. Many of my wounds from the past were healed so quickly and I became clear in my new sense of identity and destiny.

I definitely recommend Shelley as a guide into the discovery of your identity and purpose.”

Rick Wickizer, Entrepreneur and Coach, Portland, OR


Shelley has a magical and powerful way. She’s an excavator of the soul of who you are and brings to life the power you never knew you had. Real Estate is competitive. In our group, it’s pretty obvious who is working with Shelley, in numbers and the amount we are selling.

When I started working with Shelley, I kept a positive and successful exterior, reading the self-help books, while underneath I had a pretty negative perspective. My life and business reflected it. I lacked confidence, was dealing with difficult relationships draining my life resources, and took so much on that wasn’t my fault or responsibility. I was plagued with guilt and scarcity.

When I began working with Shelley, I wanted to transform nearly every aspect of my life – my relationship with myself, with others, my real estate company, my financial and physical health, and to increase my income and confidence.

I’ve realized that every single goal I brought to Shelley, I’m actually doing. It’s been really incredible.

I’ve developed a healthy self-love and and learned just how important self-love is in order to grow. My work with Shelley transformed my relationship with money, which had always been a challenge for me. I think from possibility and help my clients see possibility. I have increased my income, my confidence, and my happiness. It’s very empowering.

Not only have my relationships transformed, my thinking has changed to its core. I view the world now from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Shelley asks deep insightful questions that help bring about REAL change, while she’s transforming energy with you for a totally different way of life. My relationship with myself has grown exponentially. I no longer dim my light for anyone.

My day to day life has totally shifted. I have the consistent schedule I’ve always wanted. It’s so gratifying and enjoyable – I’m focused on what I value and living moments that I really enjoy and that fill my cup. I know how to flow when I get off course.

I connect with the people that I am best able to serve, and feel radiant instead of contracted, all while being totally in line with my purpose. I’ve learned to skillfully trust and use my intuition and it has served me so well in my business – including significantly increasing my income. I never would have had the confidence before working with Shelley to trust myself in this way and make the kind of decisions I now make.

Before working with Shelley, I was convinced that you can either be really successful in business or successful in another area like relationships – but not successful at more than 1 thing. I can’t believe how wrong I was! I am now confident that I can reach any and every goal that I set for myself and that I can exceed at any number of things – it’s not an either-or scenario. You can have the things in life that you are passionate about and excel in…I’m living proof.

I am now one of those driven people that I have always admired! Not type A driven. Soul Driven. Passionate. Confident. Purposeful. Guided from the inside out. Others see it in me now to and it is the greatest compliment. I know that it is only possible because of the work we’ve done together.

Bree, Real Estate.


The expansiveness I feel in my life is significant. Before mentoring with Shelley, I was involved and influential, yet kept my life small to feel safe and, now I realize, to avoid making choices. I simply said, “yes!” …then procrastinated. I had chased after joy most of my life. I even received the name “To Seek Joy” in a Vision Quest I attended years ago. Now joy is how I live as part of a new identity and, as Jim Webb would say, “the best is yet to come.” Instead of obligation and guilt driving my service, I am enlivened to participate in life, choosing according to what I truly love and enjoy. “No” is good! I know what to say “yes” to, and the nebulous, heavy, lifelong grief I carried is gone. Instead of isolating myself I feel emancipated to enjoy my fortunate life circumstances. I am plugged in and freed up to be an influence true to my values.

W.W. Community Activist and Former Small Business Owner

“With Shelley, we’re always working on multiple levels and exploring possibilities.I was looking for a way to approach creative changes for my business so my business is comprised of what I want to do and aligned with my genius, rather than simply skills I possess. Even though I don’t understand how it works, I know energy is always at play and Shelley is masterful. Rather than chewing my cud, so to speak, and trying to make things happen on a practical level, after my session with Shelley I could see my new way. Things organically began to happen and I had ways of thinking, playing, and exploring with the emotional fuel to move forward. I feel commitment and energy behind what I desire rather than feeling constrained in some idea of how it needs to be. Shelley’s example validates my own sense of adventure that’s grounded, genuine, unpretentious and relatable.”

Paula G. Paula G. Company


Kristen Landsverk