it’s Still the Ocean…

Driving out of Sedona, the red rocks towered in my rearview mirror moving a rush of bliss and gratitude through me. I was driving to the airport afterattending a workshop on, Embracing Bliss, mostly about self-regulating and resilience in times of such chaos, learning the latest unpublished research on the power of the heart, heart-brain coherence, and being a force of coherence in chaos.

 “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in a drop,” said the Sufi poet, Rumi. 

 We are living in an ocean of infinity learning to live and move and have our being in this limitless possibility and abundance. Remembering that in the chaos is important. No matter what is going on – and there’s a lot going on right now in individual lives and globally – reminding yourself that you are still swimming in this ocean, metaphorically speaking, of what is possible for you helps you feel your way from the still point of creation and intention through the chaos.

 During my trip there were many chaos points, a mixed-up date with my Airbnb, mechanical errors on the plane and delayed flight, the rental car agency was out of cars, and so on. But through that, my Airbnb just happened to be open on the date I arrived, I received a straight through flight instead of a layover at the airlines expense, and the country boy at the rental car counter walked me out to my Mercedes convertible, a free upgrade. “You need this for Sedona,” he said smiling.

 In the meantime, I had deeply meaningful, spontaneous conversations with loved ones and the stranger sitting next to me in the airport waiting for her plane that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. “Oh I needed that so much,” she said as she hugged me. She was a gift to me as well.

 Where do you go in the ebbs? I’m curious. Do you go back to scarcity, frustration, doubt, impatience, 3rd dimensional solutions of making it happen, grief, panic? Forgetting the ocean. 

 Then vacillate back to trust, peace and joy when the flow is back? All of these feelings can have their place AND seeing our way through as the eye of the storm in these times can amplify our power of creation.

 In the middle of the storm can be the hardest time to remember that we live in an ocean of possibility and it can be the most powerful time of creation, the counterpoint to the chaos as well as a directional endpoint for the energy of the chaos, accepting what is and directing the energy where you want it to go. 

 We are creators. The more coherent we become with clear energy within, the more powerful we become as creators with everything (positive and negative) that we think, feel and do. The ebbs are as important as the flows, each with different energetic data for us to glean. There is really always flow and sometimes we’re riding quite a wave to stay with it, or to find our way to it. 

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