I have many places and spaces in my life I consider an oasis. The river, a great sail, the golden grasses of a desert, fiery sunsets and sunrises, the unconditional love of an animal, hikes and runs, the arms of my father, meditation, writing to you, an artisan meal made with love, sharing fire and heart with a close friend, are a few.

 Life offers us much that doesn’t feel like an oasis. Don’t put your walls back up. Stay awake. Keep your heart open and resolve to dissolve that walls and shells and defenses that are reflected back to you in your outside world.

 A mother says, “that’s just life” after you’ve poured out your heart, rather than having the capacity to celebrate and raise with you into your greater vision. A colleague raises their eyebrow in comparison instead of holding space with your dream. A memory haunts you from past. Your boss wants to hold your feet to the system instead of soaring with you. Your friends say “all the men/women of that age only want a young thing,” instead of realizing the pain that jades their perspective. The belief that business is at heart a selfish. All of these are perspectives I heard from others this week.

 There are many things that come your way as you expand into more of you, more love, more potential, more creative capacities, while dancing with this malleable universe.

 Open further.

 Your choices and dreams will likely meet with judgments, internal resistance, complainers, leeches, doubters, envy, maybe even narcissists and abusers that give you an opportunity to see what is unfinished within you, where your walls are, your own jaded perspectives, where you’ve tolerated instead of speaking your truth, where you hold unfelt sorrow or unexpressed potentials, where you’ve hardened your heart instead of resolving to dissolve your shells and raise your frequency.

 And then you hear the voice of oasis, a friend that listens. The energy you feel amplify simply in each other’s presence, a mutuality spoken-unspoken. Nothing to take. Nothing to give yet everything given. Your dreams are amplified in the frequency match that amplifies simply by being with each other.

 Oasis can be the proverbial water in the desert. It can also be the music, spaces, people in a sea that already feels exquisite and abundant and becomes amplified. Keep developing the sensitivity within you that is aware of what raises your vibe without effort. Feel beneath the positivity. Let go of tolerating and move toward those oases.

 Why? Because the amplification in your vibration raises your life to new levels. Raises you. And draws the unexpected, your creations to you. Remember, the energy of something is created before it is materialized. Being the energy that aligns with it, your future, means drawing it to you.

 We’re in the beginning of a new year where we love to set new intentions. Move toward the love. May the oases in your life multiply.

~Shelley Hawkins

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