Your Application for Working with Shelley

Welcome! Mark Victor Hanson says, “what you’re ready for is ready for you.”

What are you ready for? Let’s create together.

I would love to see you living and creating out of deep freedom from the inner barriers costing you effort, prosperity, relationships and the soulful, streamlined life you desire.

But even more, I want to see you living, thriving, and creating from your true purpose and self; opening doors to you and your business that you keep you on the leading edge of your own life living yourself well.

If you are ready for this kind of playground—it can be challenging sometimes—and it feels right to you. Please send in your application and let’s have a conversation.

Occasionally it is clear from the application that we are not a fit. We will kindly let you know as soon as possible so you can find your match as soon as possible.

Talk with you soon!

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