New Harmonic

A New Harmonic…

You are designing your life. Imagine it like a musician’s masterpiece. Are you writing scores for wind instruments, a horn section, strings? Or maybe bass guitar, drums, fiddle? Or upside buckets and human percussion and vocals?

Imagine an amazing harmony. Two, three, four, five-part harmonies that reverberate through your body, run chills up your spine, inspire tears running down your face, exhilaration and peace in your spirit.

The cadence, the crescendos, the staccato (quick and abrupt) and legato (smoothly). The allegro (fast) and the andante (slowly). The pauses and playing without a breath in between.

Our lives are meant to move frequencies like this through us and around us, awakening something “new”, or more accurately dormant and yet to be expressed, within us…more of our true selves with every note, every experience.

No matter what you are walking through right now, the greatest bliss of your life or what feels like the greatest challenge, darkness, or some combination thereof, you are designing your life.

Harmonics are the frequencies and waves of possibility that animate the circuitry within you to allow more life to move through you. More of you to come alive and be discovered and experienced. We pick careers or leave them because we’re looking for something that resonates. We seek and are attracted to partners and friends through the harmonics of whatever score we are playing at that time in our lives.

As we evolve, our harmonics change, the tenor of our expression may shift and evolve. We grow with each other, or not. We make tweaks in our business, our life rhythm, how we eat, move and take care of ourselves, the way we relate, because consciously or unconsciously we are seeking to tune the instrument of our lives and how we are playing with the musicians, harmonics, and the universe at large around us.

We already have the circuitry for where we want to go next in life. And every experience you have or are having, every choice, is there to awaken that circuitry for those new dimensions. You do not need the thing to create the feeling of where you are going. The feeling brings in the thing. The energy comes first. Always.

What aspects of yourself are you holding outside the music that are eager to play? Where are you treating your experience like a broken instrument rather than the music that it is? What needs to shift for a new harmonic to reverberate through your body? What do you want to write for your next phase?

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