My All

The new year is ringing in around the world today. How will you engage the unknown differently this year? Are you all in? It is here that what you haven’t considered possible…yet…waits for you.

Safety is important. It is wisdom, our first chakra foundation and our feet underneath us. It is grounded and peaceful. It’s internal. And then there’s more.

The unknown barges into our life at times, because for this we were made. Whether we choose it or not, it comes because life seeks more life; to wake you up to greater potentials, not shock you out of them.

The safer we feel, the more we trust life to love us, to have our backs, that we live in a friendly universe, that the goodness we now have is only the beginning, not a fluke.

The safer we feel, the more we love ourselves, which gives rise to love overflowing from us. So, safety is important. But it is an energy within us. A way of seeing and perceiving our world, not necessarily dependent on our surroundings.

We aren’t meant to settle for safety. We are meant to master it and carry on to more. Safety undergirds our greatness but it won’t take us there. So, stand on the shoulders of where you’ve played it safe, where you feel safe, where you hang on to safety and open your vision into the unknown that loves to hold you and partner in your greatness. If you clean out those hidden corners of safety, where would you go all in?

~Shelley Hawkins

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