You know that yearning within you that says, there’s more? No matter how much you achieve it’s what makes you read the self-help books, want to grow as a person, be more fit, be happier, be in love, travel, explore nature, live with purpose, create, make more money, make a better world, give.

Be grateful you are sensitive to this part of you, this feeling within you.

This ephemeral part of you can reach the pinnacle of achievements, wealth, and fulfilled intentions and still know there is more because there is more of life to feel and be experienced. There’s more to you than what you have made so far.

You may have noticed a theme in my Monday Wisdoms the last few weeks… To draw your attention to the turning of the calendar; your future, considering what you will and won’t take with you internally and externally; to the underestimated power of laughing hard to liberate the bedrock of your habits, chemistry, and stagnation; to having respect for the multiplying power of risk; and now to more, all pointing to your coming year.

What did you create and experience this year? Who did you become? I feel like a different person than the one who began this year and I feel enthusiastic and peaceful about the year I see ahead.

Who do you intend to become and what do you intend to create and experience this coming year?

Comparison and competition, seeking more because what you have or who you are seems not enough are all forms of scarcity most of us have felt. But they won’t gain you more. They will lead to more frenetic pace rather than the depth and richness of life.

Your urge for more is because there IS more. An ephemeral, infinite yearning intrinsic to you to fall evermore in love with life, your power to create it, and to feel what it feels like to live and create from there. This part of you loves diving deep, discovering your untapped creativity, knowing you’re expressing your unique path of gifts and potentials, free from your past, and playing with this malleable universe in the infinite possibilities of energy, imagination, and intuition.

~Shelley Hawkins

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