Momentum is that feeling of being in motion where effort is happening, but you’re so in flow you can barely feel it. It’s like carrying something in water. The motion is happening, the weight is still there, yet it feels weightless. This is when you know you’re in momentum, flow.

 When we’re feeling exhausted, harried, stressed, afraid, heavy, our motion may be bringing us a lot of success, but is it really nourishing our momentum—body, mind, and soul?

 Besides the obvious clues of what we’re feeling, one way to discern true momentum is whether we’re chasing or choosing what puts us in motion.

 I met a couple recently whose work is to facilitate and manage teacher’s seminars Wednesday through Sunday. They love what they do and the people they get to work with. To feed their inspiration and momentum, on their weekend, Monday and Tuesday, they’re cleaning out horse stalls, digging holes for new trees, and other such projects on their ranch.

 “It may sound strange to some people, he said, I love digging holes and we love cleaning out the stalls.” This is their inspiration, one of the ways they stay in flow and momentum in their life, one of their forms of play for cleaning out their minds and getting inspired and fed.

 One of the key questions I ask my clients is, how do you play? Sometimes it takes a while for them to trust and believe that the more they play (among other things), the more their life comes into alignment. Play, as Stuart Brown talks about in his book titled, (ready for this one?), Play, shows us the power of play on the brain, on our relationships, our bodies, how we serve, and its importance for our sense of purpose, and I would add, wealth.

 Play can be tinkering and fixing things, hiking mountains, long road trips,

 Play puts us in a higher vibration, it teaches us what momentum feels like, and inspires us with a greater ability to create, generate, and manifest life. It helps move us out of the mode of chasing our intentions, goals, and the life we generate, and get the feeling of what it means to be fully engaged while also being contented—in trust. This is where we strike that feeling of momentum.

 You may have carried your intention to begin with to get things moving, then the weightlessness of momentum takes over and you wonder who’s carrying whom? This is where an infinity of possibility takes over with you in the Flow.

~Shelley Hawkins

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